Bill Cosby, Family Man

Iconic comedian Bill Cosby was born today in 1937. The conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Cancer is a powerful emphasis on family, so it’s not surprising that he’s widely known for his hilarious sketches about his childhood and fatherhood. But he’s not just an entertainer. Moon conjunct Neptune in Virgo indicates a need to be of service, and Cosby has used his influence to encourage African Americans to strengthen their family ties and to educate their children about their heritage.

As a comedian, the Moon-Neptune conjunction heightens Cosby’s imagination, while Venus in Gemini gives him a gift for verbalizing his experiences through books, comedy albums, and especially television: The Cosby Show, a wildly popular situation comedy series, ran from 1984 to 1992.

Still, all the talent in the world won’t bestow success without a large helping of determination. For Cosby, it’s Mars in Scorpio that gives him the drive to succeed during his 40-plus years as an entertainer, producer, author, and activist.

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