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I have been dealing with severe anxieties for nearly 17 years now. I raised 2 children, and I feel very guilty about my anxiety, because it limits my ability to do things with them. Will you ask my spirit guides to help me find the strength to overcome this?


Sherry from Illinois

Dear Sherry,

A wise person once said that “Your greatest strength is your greatest weakness, and your greatest weakness is your greatest strength.”

This is the key to transcending your anxieties; look for the flip side of each, and build on them as strengths.

Here are your positives: you are as powerful a psychic Empath as any I’ve ever encountered. You can develop exceptional healing abilities, and your mind is quick, intelligent, and subtle. When these gifts have mastery over you, they run your life in unpleasant ways. But they can become strengths.

Fortunately, you’re just coming to the end of an extremely challenging period — but those challenges have prepared you for your next steps! You will have the ability to create a stronger, steadier “you” over the next 8 months, gaining mastery over your gifts and challenges. Particularly in mid-November, mid-January and late April through May, you will have periods wherein you can call on far more ego strength and personal will than you normally have available.

Your main Spirit Guide, the only one who spoke to me, identifies herself as “Messenger of Archangels,” and she seems especially allied with Uriel, Sandalphon, Michael, and Zadkiel. Her explanation of these Archangels fits in with what I know of the hierarchy in Theosophical author Alice Bailey’s work. It’s easy to find information about this on the internet. “Messenger” tells me that Zadkiel will be of particular help to you, if you commit yourself to learning to use your gifts — because that Archangel rules the violet flame of transmutation.

“Messenger” also suggests that you do several things. First, find your correct birth time; your birth certificate is best for this purpose. Get an astro-cartography reading to help you find places to live that are harmonious and supportive. Then, find a way to live in the place that appeals to you most. This is especially important, because you are such a strong empath — and most empaths find that it helps a lot to live outside urban areas, and in surroundings they find beautiful and peaceful.

Second, if you do not already practice traditional Yoga (Bikram is too intense), Tai Chi, or Chi Kung, learn one of these disciplines — and use it daily. You do best with a moving meditation, and as these practices begin to change your energy field, you will find your mind expanding past its fears to create a new world view.

And third: “Messenger” tells me that if you ask her for it, she will bring you (that is, connect you with) a master teacher, who will provide wisdom and guidance while you learn to turn your challenges into gifts. The teacher appears to me as an older woman — modest and unassuming, but possessing a powerful wisdom. She is very grounded, and she is one of those magical beings who can only be recognized by the students she chooses. Obviously, she is not famous. But she expects you, and she knows you two won’t meet until at least January or February. Perhaps later.

When you embark on this journey, it will benefit not only you, but your children — and countless others. I see you becoming a powerful, if quiet, force for good. And once you relocate to a congenial environment and train your psychic abilities, you will be happy!

Thank you for writing and opening some interesting doors for me with your questions, Sherry.

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