Tips for Dealing With Stress

tips for dealing with stress

Feeding Your Stress Monster

As a psychic who often helps with Career & Work issues, I get a lot of questions about dealing with stress. Not surprising, really, as people can easily become consumed with what’s happening at the office—and that only feeds your stress monster. I’ve put together some simple tips to help you keep stress at bay. I hope they help!

A lot of people think that you need a special technique for meditation, but that’s simply not true, and this belief can stop people from even trying. Meditation can be a quiet walk in the woods, some time at the beach, or even sitting on some grass in the park. Take your shoes off, loosen the tie, run your fingers through the grass. It has an amazing effect on your mind.

The goal of meditation is to find a place of comfort and stillness that allows your mind to relax. Even a few minutes lying down with soft music can work wonders. In fact, research points to multiple ways in which music can help relieve stress. Even spending time stroking a pet can be an excellent meditation. For some people, cleaning their house can also be very meditative. Whatever you find that works for you, make it a daily habit and see how quickly your stress levels drop.

Make a Gratitude List
Many times we feel stressed when we perceive something is going wrong, or we anticipate something will go wrong. A gratitude list helps remind us of what has—and is—going right. Often, we find from our list that there are many things to be thankful for, which can change our mood entirely and give us a new perspective.

Being grateful puts a halt to negative thinking, which normally is tinder for the fireball that is your stress. Let go of your pain and open up your heart and mind to positive thoughts and general day-to-day happiness. Stop talking to yourself in a negative manner and start giving yourself the love you deserve. Do this and I guarantee stress will quickly become manageable, if not begin to leave your life altogether.

Create Something
Using your creativity can be a huge stress reliever. Whether it’s knitting, baking something from scratch, sewing, painting, writing, it doesn’t matter—you just have to love doing it. It shifts your energy and can also be very meditative. If you have a way to involve others, even better! Creating gets you out of your head, and often the results are beautiful.

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Stretching somewhere in the house, or running, or dancing gets the energy moving throughout the body. You’ll feel more empowered after, and less stressed out. If you are at work and can’t get away, even taking the stairs a few times a day and walking a longer distance to your car can make a difference.

Exercise, and other physical activity, produces endorphins—chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers—also improving the ability to sleep. Staying well rested in turn reduces stress. When stress hits, fight or flight is your natural, evolutionarily programmed reaction to any situation causing it. The challenge is that much of today’s stress doesn’t require either physical fighting or running, but your body still pumps the chemicals for it, which can give you a surge of angst. Getting your body moving is the best way to relieve this feeling.

Drink Plenty of Water
It may sound silly, but water is very grounding, which is imperative when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Whether it’s taking a hot bath, or just drinking a tall glass, water—being a purifier—has the power to help us clarify our problems and to heal. Think about it. All our organs need water to function properly. So if you’re even slightly dehydrated, your body isn’t operating at full capacity, and that can lead to stress. It can also bring about a rise in cortisol levels, that nasty stress hormone that wreaks havoc on our minds and bodies. No, I’m not saying a tall glass of water will wipe away your worries, but if you’re already stressed, you don’t need the added stress of dehydration.

We all know stress can be debilitating. It can zap all our energy and joy, and keep us from living a life we love. And most importantly, stress can ruin our health. I hope these tips will help you combat the stress you may be experiencing and that they open you up to a happier, more joyful life.

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