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A few years ago while I was on a business trip I sat beside a man during an hour-and-a-half ferry ride, and chatted. We definitely had a connection, as I knew things about him that he did not tell me about. I saw things clairvoyantly and expressed them. We were both shocked.

We didn’t exchange numbers or mention our last names, which I regret. He said that he “knew we would meet again.” We have seen each other many times passing in traffic, but he has also attempted to meet me; I have walked away from him, even though I really want to get to know him. As strange as it may sound to some people, we discovered that we can actually communicate completely, telepathically. This has never happened to me with anyone else – before or since.

My question is, why do I walk away from him when I have always wanted to share and explore my spiritual side with someone – especially a man? There is a strong physical attraction, and I am single. He also seems to be. I haven’t seen him in quite a while, but I can’t stop thinking about him. Does he still live in my area? Will we meet again?

– Gina in Victoria, BC, Canada


Dear Gina,

Although this man’s energy appears very far from you at the present moment, your Guides are telling me that you’re far from through with each other. However, I can’t tell at the moment whether your next meeting is scheduled for this lifetime or the next. Perhaps it’s not decided yet. I am sure, though, that you’re destined to meet again, and to have another deeply loving relationship.

You’re in an interesting place in this lifetime. Either you’re in the final stages of completing the goals for a series of lifetimes, or you are taking your first steps into a new series of lives – with new goals. My feeling is that you’ve started a new cycle, and that your meeting on the ferry was one last bit of business from the past.

Whichever is true, it’s clear that you kept walking away from the man you met on the ferry, in spite of the powerful sense of recognition and attraction, because your Soul knew that the meeting represented the completion of karma and the end of a cycle. The amazing telepathy, and the powerful attraction you shared, happened because you started exactly where the two of you had left off in your last lifetime together.

Your Spirit Guides are telling me that both you and this man learned some important things about your new series of incarnations during that meeting. That’s why you had made the soul contract to meet, and to blast past normal getting-to-know-you steps to the full-on psychic merging you had experienced together before, in spite of the pain you might feel over not being able to take the next step at that time.

And, of course, your longing to share and explore your spiritual side with someone comes from your earlier relationships with him. You will find a sacred twin in this lifetime as well, although it appears that the kind of closeness you experience will be different – probably intellectual and physical, rather than psychic and spiritual. It is to be an important part of establishing the groundwork for this new series of incarnations.

Often, people who are experiencing the first lifetime in a new cycle bring gifts, knowledge, expectations and dreams from the old series with them. Sometimes they’re a help; sometimes they can be darned confusing. Your ferry experience seems to have been one of the confusing ones, but you handled it beautifully, according to your Guides.

You have mapped out a pretty exciting life for yourself this time, Gina. I hope you’re enjoying the ride!

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