Spotlight on Virgo

Have you ever wondered what’s really going on with the Virgo in your life? Alongside their helpfulness, perfectionism and wisdom, they often have an inner life that’s hidden from others. They are the masters of compartmentalizing, so what you see isn’t always the whole picture. So to demystify this intriguing sign, we’re going to reveal Virgo’s secrets to see what really makes them tick.

Virgo personality
If you need an insightful analysis of your love life, career prospects or anything else that has you stumped, Virgo is your best bet. Virgo is, after all, a practical Earth sign that’s ruled by brainy, logical Mercury. As such, they see what less astute people tend to miss. They’ll pick apart your quandary on every level, down to the last nit-picky detail (which you no doubt overlooked). Your Virgo friend will have noticed all the faults of your troublesome boyfriend and probably advise you to dump him (he fidgets when he’s nervous, parts his hair unevenly and completely ignores your dog, which is a real sticking point because Virgos love animals). Whether these faults are worth dumping him for is entirely up to you, but depend on your Virgo friend to point them out, just the same.

But just remember, your Virgo is just being helpful. That’s because Virgo is the sign of service – their main motivation is to be useful. If you’re feeling depressed, rely on your Virgo friend to supply massages, herbal tea and sound advice. However, they won’t pull any punches if they see you’re up to something that’s detrimental to your well being. Virgo rules health, after all. They’ll readily point out how that bag of potato chips will land on your hips, couch potato that you are. And they’re usually right.

Efficient, humble, and hard-working, Virgo helps make the world go ’round, often from behind the scenes. They usually don’t make their presence known while they go about their business. However, you’ll certainly feel their absence after they leave, when everything turns to chaos from the countless little things left undone. They may have a hard time seeing the bigger picture of things, but then, it’s all in the details for Virgo.

Virgo in love
Virgo may be brainy, but being an Earth sign also makes them sensual. They love being touched (in just the right way, of course), and they’ll take their time to be sure you’re sexually satisfied as well. A leisurely massage, good food, the perfect ambiance, enticing music and clean, soft sheets will get your Virgo in the mood for love.

But in the beginning, you have to get their attention first. Then you have to earn their respect (hopefully you’re a bit brainy yourself). These tasks aren’t easy because Virgo is picky with a capital P. They have extremely high standards. What’s more, they’re so self-sufficient that some of them are perfectly happy being alone for long periods of time. Approach a Virgo too quickly, and without finesse, and you’ll get the cold shoulder. They’ll pretend you don’t exist. That trait gives them a powerful mystique. Being hard to get isn’t a game to Virgo, it’s in their nature.

So, how do you entice a hard-to-get Virgo? You’ll need to be subtle, smart and sensitive – but strong as well or else they won’t respect you. And you’d better be genuine because Virgos can spot a poser from a mile away. Did I say it would be easy? However, once you’ve captured the heart of your Virgo, they’ll do whatever it takes to make the relationship work, because hard work comes naturally to them as well.

Virgo can have one major relationship flaw, especially if their self-esteem is low: They can’t resist someone in need or in trouble. They attract needy people because they’re experts at fixing fixer-uppers. Unfortunately for Virgo, this can make an unequal partnership where they’re doing most of the giving and getting little in return. Another relationship challenge for Virgo is criticism. That picky trait can drive their partner nuts if it’s out of control. And speaking of control, Virgos hate chaos and like everything orderly, which can also drive their partner nuts. So if you’re in love with a Virgo, just know that they aren’t the most spontaneous creatures on earth (unless they have a strong Fire element in their chart). Still, they will appreciate a surprise if you have all the details worked out in advance. Then you’ll have the best time together – forever after.

Virgo at work
Virgo is seldom at a loss for work. They are quite resourceful and, being a mutable sign, have multiple skills they can rely on. Once they’ve landed a job, they usually prove themselves indispensable. That’s because they are willing to do just about anything it takes to get the job done, from running the office to meeting new clients to building an advertising campaign. They are smart, hard-working perfectionists, which make them highly competent at whatever they do. Mainly, they’ll excel in a career that uses their talents for analysis, communications, service, healing, organization or efficiency. Career possibilities include writing, editing, teaching, medicine, psychology, social work, environmentalism, management, computer programming, accounting, research and investigation. Additionally, Virgo may choose a career in politics, the military or law enforcement to fulfill their need to serve.

Symbolized by the virgin, Virgo is the purist of the world, seeking perfection and truth in everything they do. They are the healers of the world, too, making the world a better place to live.

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  1. regina

    You guys are the most accurate that I have ever read. I read my horoscopes out of the newpapers and other websites everyday and I must say ya”ll are always right on. Peace and love to you guys!


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