Numerology Forecast: Too Busy for Deep Introspection

The powerful dynamo of a Universal 8 Month in Numerology bursts on the scene this Saturday, and once it’s in place you’ll be far too busy for the kind of deep, leisurely introspection that has been the hallmark of this Universal 7 Month. But before you move on, you’ll want to use 7’s gift for profound insight and intelligent analysis to navigate the beginning of this week.

The intensity of Monday’s Saturn-Pluto opposition and retrograde Mercury are just the beginning for this momentous week. Besides the transformational demands of Saturn-Pluto, the penetrating power of the year’s most spiritually potent Full Moon, that of Scorpio, illuminates Tuesday night skies and peaks Wednesday morning.

Monday – You’re drawn to domestic and community service by the energies of this 6 Universal Day, but be aware of the complex and challenging astrological forces which dominate. Saturn (structure) and Pluto (transformation) demand deep insights and change; if you apply that energy to service for your family, or local or global community, it will have powerful results.

Tuesday – To take full advantage of this final 7 Day of the current 7 Month, meet the demands of Mercury retrograde by carefully and thoroughly analyzing actions, agreements, communications and structures which have come up in the past month. Then meditate deeply on your Saturn-Pluto experiences, and commune tonight (or tomorrow night) with the powerful Scorpio Full Moon to plumb the depths of your psyche.

Wednesday – On this Universal 8 Day, you can get an inkling of what’s coming in May. Although you’ll need to double-check, and then check again mid-May because of retrograde Mercury, you can still make big plans and put them into action, relying on 8’s boldness and executive ability to ensure success.

Thursday – 9 Days are about wrapping things up, and about gaining wisdom from the experiences of this cycle. The gentle but determined energy of humanitarian 9 will also help you put the rest of the week in perspective, with an opportunity to re-visit everything from the perspective of the new 8 Month on Saturday.

Friday – It’s time for fresh ideas, new concepts and strong individuality as we begin a very short new cycle on this Universal 1 Day. You’ll have another startup opportunity Sunday.

Saturday – The second Universal 9 Day this week asks you to look at the needs of your world with the idea of applying the executive and financial skills of this brand new 8 Month to making things better “for all your relations.”

Sunday – This Universal 1 Day in the new 8 Month is an excellent companion to Friday’s 1 Day. Combined they make it easy for you to apply all the new ideas from April and start to make them a reality with bold, entrepreneurial action.

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