Are There Ties Between Thanksgiving and Magic?

Can the Thanksgiving Turkey Connect us to the Realm of Enchantment?

The Mayans, followed by the Aztecs, considered the turkey to be Huesolotlin, an expression of their trickster god, Texcatlipoca, who was in the major pantheon amongst their gods. Other Native Americans related the turkey to celebrating Mother Earth—the “give away eagle” that also connects with these people’s generous contribution to the original Thanksgiving. All of these Native American cultures, as we study (and respect!) them further reveal their connections with each other and our entire planet. The turkey is born of the Western World, as is its mythology.

Other areas have similar birds of celebration and these birds can be recognized amongst the stars of astrology, every night. The Eagle, the Swan/Shaman, and the enchanting/life saving Vulture were the birds of the sky to the Greeks. They are known as the Stymphalian Birds. They are ancient gods/goddesses who swoop down upon us with metal feathers of destruction (military bombers in today’s world, perhaps?) or blessings and gifts.

One might consider that what we receive depends upon our willingness to live in respectful balance and harmony to the source of our “life-giving”—our Mother Earth. So never forget the very ancient bull/cow-god(dess) represented in the 18,000 year old Lascaux, France cave paintings, which provided the balance/union of completion that created the rebirth and harvest of the Great Scorpion in the sky at Thanksgiving. This would also be symbolic of the resurrection of the Prince of Peace, Jesus, with His feast being celebrated on a Thursday after the Harvest each year.

The Egyptians gave us with a symbol of the Cow Goddess who partnered with the resurrection god, Horus, and provided the abundance of all that we harvest. Her name is Hathor and she is related to the “River of Milk” that is the Milky Way—our constellation home. As you enjoy Hathor’s gifts consummated by partnering with her resurrection prince, remember that you are thanking our Mother Earth and the Wisdom of the Universe for their past gifts. This will provide us with an opening for future wealth, security and other gifts.

Chloe ext. 9421 adds: “Food is a wonderful healer. Thanksgiving is a celebration of sharing. Cooking and preparing food for or with one another is a great way to heal oneself by healing others. If you live far from you family or don’t have family consider hosting an “Orphan Thanksgiving”. You know other people who have no where to go or be that day. Invite them and welcome anyone they may know to join in. Make it a potluck to cut down on expense! You can do the same thing for Christmas!”

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