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To believe we are entirely on our own, left to our own devices in this life is, to me, a somewhat selfish assumption. Life becomes so much fuller and richer when we acknowledge the divine support system available to us.

Based upon my own personal understanding and experience, I have come to know that there are divine helpers available to me who I lovingly refer to as my Spirit Guides and Angels. While I encourage everyone to use the terminology and understandings that best resonate with them, for the purpose of this article I will use the terminology and truth that my personal experience has led me to develop and trust.

Spirit Guides are beings who have at one point in time incarnated. In other words, they were once people on earth like you or I who subsequently died and passed on to other realms. They are available to us for guidance at any time.

Angels on the other hand have not had an incarnation, rather they are powerful and loving entities created and/or appointed by God.

In my work and my personal life, I call upon Angels for healing and when doing spiritual readings. When I am seeking advice or specific help, I call upon my Guides.

There are books devoted entirely to the subject of the hierarchy of Angels and the various forms of Guides. I am not all that concerned with this personally. I call upon Archangels if I am in dire need of healing or a miracle. That’s about as specific as I get. With respect to Guides, for example if I’m painting and require some inspiration I would perhaps call upon Salvador Dali and not my grandmother without artistic talents.

We all have a specific Guide who has been assigned to us, but we may call upon any Guide in our time of specific need (Salvador Dali example above). Their only job is to assist us! The more we call upon them and trust their guidance, the more readily they’ll appear willing and eager to assist us in our daily living. Remember, life is meant to flow effortlessly. When life becomes difficult or troublesome, it’s a sure indication that we are not on the right track. Our Guides will help us to align ourselves with our path and point out to us what choices we could be making to better align ourselves with our Soul’s purpose.

All we need to do is talk to them.

Enjoy your connection to your Guides and Angels as they lovingly guide you through this beautiful journey called life. Always remember to speak to them in a loving way, thanking them for all of their guidance, support and love. It is truly a humbling experience to connect to this divine support system. It often brings tears of joy to my eyes when I catch a glimpse of their loving kindness and care in my life. I truly don’t know what I’d do without them.

5 thoughts on “Angels & Spirit Guides

  1. dave

    I thought I might share a bit of knowledge I brought back from the other plane with me; spirits and angles are two different words to name the same type of being. Sorry I know many people do not believe in reincarnation but alas your belief is not required for it to be true or already have been true for you. Even the entities we call demons are spirits or angles that serve a dark goal. Ghosts would be different only due to the fact they have not been able to go to the next plane fully needing the help of god or lucifer to complete that shift. Sorry to any whom may be offended by my shared knowledge. I hope you are all well and happiness visits your lives often. Nameste

  2. Ally

    I really find this article interesting. I’ve always wondered about spiritual guides. Also, I have never thought about calling upon specific guides like you gave in your example with Salvador Dali (who I absolutely love and admire btw). I’m curious what kind of results you personally had with your painting and art when you asked for inspiration. Did it work out? How were the results different than not using a guide. I dabble in art myself from time to time and really wanna try this. Just to see the difference in my work.
    Thank you so much for this article!


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