Your Soulmate Will Know You

Recognizing the Tell-Tale Signs When You Find Your Soulmate

Like a magnet, your soulmate is pulled to you in ways they don’t understand. They have these vague but potent moments that feel like old, powerful memories they can’t quite grasp. They may even insist they’ve met you before. If the millions of people who believe in reincarnation are correct, your soulmate is probably right—in another time and another place, you were in love.

Your soulmate may be so overwhelmed or confused by their feelings that they react with fear or even withdraw. Then it’s time to look at your astrological connections to find the answers that can bring a sense of peace, knowing and acceptance to your magical connection.

The Moon’s Nodes show your soul group and your soulmate connection. It’s the “window” that opened for you to enter the world with your special birth chart. Someone born within 18 months of you, or someone 9-1/2 or 19 years older or younger than you shares your nodal placement and has karmic ties to you and your life purpose. Your soulmate will often be found in these groups or you will have planets tied to each others’ nodes.

People with opposite Rising Signs are often meant to be partners. Your marriage house matches their personal house, and vice versa. Your opposite energies can create the perfect balance of a “dynamic duo.” The Sun/Moon connection often works the same way, as the Sun and Moon are eternal partners. Prince William and Duchess Catherine are a wonderful astrological example of the Sun and Moon reflecting a soulmate/eternal lover connection.

Your South Node shows the gifts you’ve brought with you into this life and the North Node (in the opposite sign) is your challenge—what you have come here to learn. You can apply your soulmate’s Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, Moon’s Nodes or prominent planets to any of the signs listed below to know where your are on the soulmate path:


Your Aries or Libra soulmate has a life goal of balancing the individual/other person focus. Aries are dynamos at relationship “ground zero.” You can guide them to recognize that no one “does it alone” and life’s no fun without others’ recognition and love. Libra Sun or South Node: They are so focused on being loved by everyone that they sometimes forget to focus on the two of you. Today’s challenges: Aries/Libra soulmate activity centers on career, home life and personal values.


The Moon’s Nodes are currently in your soulmate’s sign, so they are immersed in a 2 to 2 1/2 year period that requires recognizing and developing their soul ties with others. This is a period when your Taurean must go deep within and really commit to a relationship. Your Scorpio is a natural at going deep within, but for the past year they’ve had to focus on building a new life. Mid-September through mid-November is a powerful phase when Taureans and Scorpios will address soulmate issues, so be prepared!


The Nodes just left your soulmate’s sign a year ago after a 2 to 2 1/2 year visit that brought personal and relationship development to the forefront. They are redefining the boundaries in your lives and in your relationship. They are confused, yet romantic. But their communication and teaching skills can help place personal boundaries where you need them. Work with them and your individual powers can combine to grow and fulfill both of you.

“You will find your soulmate if you live from the higher aspects of your personality.” – Psychic Fiona ext. 5178


What a year for your soulmate! Abundant Jupiter and transformative Pluto are in their signs shaking everything up, while offering the perfect flow for finding and keeping you as a soulmate. The bumpy ride with them is beneficial in the end. Your partner is just overwhelmed. Give your partner a moment to catch their breath and relax. Take breaks to travel and to let your creative spirits flow. You could find yourselves making a commitment this fall.


Your soulmate will likely find you at work, at a party at their home or through a parent. This is a period for them to build the foundation to be with you as their eternal partner. If they’ve already found you, they’re also in a building process, bringing forth a new strength and stability to what you have. While this is a busy, hard-working time, this work brings amazing breakthroughs to build a relationship that will stand up against any tests. Your love becomes stronger and stronger with every challenge.

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You and your soulmate are finding new forms of communication and interaction that redefine what you’ve experienced previously. In fact, what you are experiencing is something no one really understands or has experienced before. Your love doesn’t look like what people have been taught is “love” but it is even more real. It is something greater that has everything to do with the future of humanity. People think that the Internet gives us limitless possibilities. Yet, Pisces and Virgos are opening themselves to forms of self-expression that will define the future beyond how we now love and relate.

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10 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Will Know You

  1. JC

    OK so my 7th house will balance out hers? So what does that mean because I have Leo with moon intercepted in the 7th with my 7th house starting at 27 Cancer and ending at 6 Virgo?

  2. Alexandra

    There is more to it than all of that…. My estranged husband of over 50 years and 3 children,
    is Gemini, Taurus Asc., and MOON in my Astro. sign and ascendant, Saggitarius. Sooo,
    I believe there is more to those congenial combinations that meet the eyes… one has to dig
    deeply into ALL aspects of both individual’s personal horoscopes and take into consideration
    Karmic (past lives if one believes in), to make a factual assessment of chart comparisons
    and what may bring people together to mate.

  3. Julia

    Thank you for the information. I am a Leo and have been with an Aquarius since Feb,2012.
    He has been a challenge, however, just recently has admitted he enjoys being with me and wants things to work out. We have been back and fourth in this relationship, however, always end up back together. I can say that what I feel for him I have never felt with my ex husband or any other man I have dated. I have not given up since I feel as he is right for me and I do believe he feels the same, however, it scares him. Time and patience has been a key factor in this relationship but worth it.

  4. Bella

    It’s my own personal BELIEFS / preferences that a Capricorn & a cancer is not A / ir a my perfect match 4 my own self !!! Thank you anyway plz be blessed … Bella 🙁

  5. jennifer

    i am a virgo but my fiance is an aquarius but our relationship is exactly how its described for a virgo/pisces…are we still soulmates???? because everything about our feeelings and relationship falls under signs of a soulmate


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