Reduce Stress With the Help of Your Angels

Reduce Stress With the Help of Your Angels

 Your Angels are the Keys to Stress Relief!

As a highly sensitive psychic reader, also known as an empath, I feel everyone else’s emotions. I can feel when a client is stressed, emotionally and physically drained, or upset. A good psychic can quickly tune into what is going on with a client and help identify the underlying factors that are affecting a client’s energy level or mood. Once the client has a clear idea of the sources of their current stress, they are in a better position to deal with it and move on.

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Causes of Stress

One of the most common sources of stress is a sense of lack in your life, such as a lack of money, lack of support from your family or friends, lack of love or lack of purpose. Other causes are the negative attitudes of worry, fear, anger or sadness which can all bring about stress and anxiety. And yet another cause I help client’s deal with all the time occurs when they consciously or unconsciously try to “keep up” with everyone else by comparing themselves to others. Comparing yourself or your situation in life to anyone else’s is generally going to create stress because you are denying and forgetting to recognize that you are a unique expression of the divine. You were not created to be exactly like anyone else or to lead someone else’s life; you are here to be your own beautiful self. Making comparisons leads to separation from your divine source and brings about stress, anxiety, fear and the mistaken belief that you are not good enough.

Help and Intervention

I offer clients a few tips to deal with stress in their lives and they are really quite simple to implement. I have found that a great way to decrease negative feelings in your life is to ask the angels for help and intervention. These celestial beings are all around us waiting patiently to serve us through their loving energy. All you have to do is ask for help! They won’t violate your free will and intervene in your affairs without your invitation, so it’s important to actually ask them to help out.

Archangel Michael

I always begin my readings with an invitation to connect to the divine realm where angels and other heavenly beings reside. I ask Archangel Michael, whose name means “He who is like God” to release the client from fear and doubts. Then I ask him to clear and remove any negativity that is interfering by cutting away any energetic hooks or cords from unresolved issues that may be attached to the client and draining their energy. I also ask him to place a shield of light around the client for protection. These simple, yet profoundly effective requests, which you can do yourself at any time, can make a real difference in your stress level.

A Warm Bath

Another valuable technique to reduce stress is to clear away physical as well as energetic toxins. One way to do this is to take a warm bath filled with sea salts which you can buy in the spice section of your local market or health food store.

Archangel Jophiel

Our thoughts are the seeds for manifesting a stress-free life and keeping your thoughts positive and speaking with positive words will also have a significant effect on your well-being. You can call on Archangel Jophiel, whose name translates to “Beauty of God,” to uplift your thoughts and beautify your words. A consistent, positive attitude leads to positive actions which are the building blocks to a happy and healthy life.

Archangels Azrael and Raphael

When it comes to grieving, which is one of the major contributors to stress, we can call upon Archangel Azrael, whose name translates to “Whom God helps” and whose specialty is comforting those stricken by grief. He’s also associated with Archangel Raphael, whose name means “He who heals.” If you are traveling and stressed out about the trip, Archangel Raphael is the one you can ask to watch over all aspects of your trip so you can relax.

A reading from a talented, qualified psychic, like those at California Psychics, can reveal what’s really going on in your life ,which then brings clarity to what is causing your stress. Once you have clarity, you can then focus your attention on finding the right solution to reduce and eliminate your stress.

I wish you a stress-free life!

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  1. joseph

    i am very depressed and i even thought of leaving this world now i am going to court forcustody do u think i will win custody back

  2. Mark

    Hello and thank you for your article. Could you provide some more thoughts/references on what other archangels talents/focuses/specialties are? Thanks again. MV

  3. Joseph

    I certainly believe in Angels and I love the creator, however how can you or anyone be in touch with Angels. Its not that I don’t believe you, I would never call you a liar. I’m not rude like that, its just that oh I just don’t know, that’s all. thank you for your time

  4. Rebecca Palmer

    I would very much like to speak to you ewgaeding my 2 daughters, I won’t be on line any more this evening,, but will be back in the morning, Hopefully we can speak then,, Thanks !!


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