Angelic Assistance on the Prenatal Journey

Can Angelic Assistance Help With Childbirth?

Each woman’s journey to motherhood is unique in its own way, as is the road to fatherhood. But one thing that’s true for all of those parents and parents-to-be is that the prenatal journey starts long before a child is born. Whether your road to pregnancy has to be one of patience and persistent effort or you arrived there pleasantly by surprise, the idea of bringing another life into this world can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Most people are filled with thrill and excitement, but some also experience fear and concern at how they will handle the responsibilities, life changes and needs of the child who will soon enter their lives.

These issues and all others are genuine concerns and are not overlooked by the heavenly helpers, the angels. There are many angels who work with pregnancy and childbirth, and two in particular who carry pivotal roles in this area. Call out for angelic assistance!

The Archangel Gabriel, who many may know from the Annunciation story of Jesus’s birth to Mary, is one of the most active and prominent angels who works to assist with souls who will be born, their Annunciation, physical birth, help for expectant parents and those who desire to be parents, babies and all things related to motherhood. The Archangel Gabriel is well suited for the task, as Gabriel is not only the Head Messenger among the angels but he also bears the titles of Angel of prayer, light and mercy.

Gabriel’s name is often translated as “Strength of God” and he can be called upon to assist in emotional strength for the challenges of emotional strain caused by a difficult pregnancy or even the strength to pursue the desire to be a parent despite previous efforts or even loss. Gabriel can be leaned upon for his strength when a woman feels a knowing that she is meant to be a mother, despite the obstacles or pregnancy in general feeling overwhelming. A mother who is soon to go into labor or in advance if she prefers, can begin doing visualization with Gabriel at her side during labor and meditating on a positive delivery for mother and baby alike. Prayers and requests for Gabriel’s strength and assistance for your prenatal journey can never begin too soon. A person does not have to wait until they are pregnant to call for this Archangel’s assistance, as the prenatal journey can be a long road in the making. Call on Archangel Gabriel if you even think you’re interested in the idea of parenthood and ask the angel’s guidance for the best results for all involved.

The Archangel Gabriel works with mothers and parents of all kinds, including birth mothers, adoptive parents, surrogates, foster parents and all those who act in caregiving roles to infants and small children.

The next wonderful angel may be of special interest to those who have not yet conceived or who have encountered difficulties in conception or pregnancy related challenges. She is the Angel Lailah, the angel of the night and Conception.

The Angel Lailah plays an important role in assisting with the Conception of a child and later preparing the new child for the world to come once they are born. She is said to stay with the child and teach them during pregnancy. She is in charge of the future child’s preparation for their future life roles and purpose. All those interested in making contact with their child to be or making a spiritual connection with their child during pregnancy can benefit from asking from Angel Lailah’s assistance.

I am often visited by unborn souls (whom I affectionately call “Soulites” in my readings with clients and I would like to share with parents who have experienced prematurely terminated pregnancies, regardless of the reason, that these souls are wonderfully understanding and often show up simply to make their parents aware that although they did not complete their prenatal journey, they are still present in spirit and love them just the same. These souls often peek in on future parents too in my readings, a sort of spiritual pop-up, and clients are often pleasantly surprised by optimistic little travelers. And I am always honored by their visits and the beauty and light that comes from their loving and beautiful presence.

The angels are always listening and ready to assist you on your prenatal journey whether it consist of help with a current pregnancy, future conception or even overcoming the devastation of pregnancy loss. The Archangel Gabriel and Lailah can offer assistance with all your concerns, you simply need to call on them and ask for their Divine help when you need them.

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  1. amrita

    thanks a lot.. u wont believe i really needed both angels as its been really painful dat i hvnt bn able to conceive … i have already prayed to dem and make it a daily routine to ask for der divine help.. thnx n regards

  2. Peg Hubner

    Thank you for the most amazing article on the Prenatal Journey. Perfect timing for many women I know. Love and Light to you!!!! Peg H


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