Adventures of a Tarot Grandmaster

Many years ago, I studied with the Associated Readers of Tarot. I graduated with “high honors,” and the title Certified Tarot Master. Years later, the American Tarot Association awarded me the title of Tarot Grandmaster.

I’ve had experiences as a Tarot reader that affected me deeply. I once gave a reading to a burly, full bearded and long haired man with lots of tattoos. He had just been paroled from prison… for murder.

When giving a Tarot reading, a reader begins with the cards, but uses his or her intuition and any psychic abilities to work with their client. The client can ask for more details about a situation and I can hone in for precise comments. In this way a Tarot reading is actually interactive.

Well, he just sat there, arms crossed, glaring at me. Was I making sense to him? Was I helping him on his law-abiding path? Would he kill me if I made any error? I didn’t know! I could feel sweat start to form all over my body.

Finally, I summarized and asked if anything were unclear or if he had questions. He arose and continued his steely glare. Then he slightly nodded and raised his arm with a fist—a salute—and left. Whew!

Another time I was giving readings at a psychic fair. An elderly woman who had been a regular at psychic fairs came to me for a reading. Very short and petite, her clothes, when new, had been expensive. That had obviously been long ago.

She was following the instructions of a guru. Her poverty forced her to take a roommate, a younger man also studying with the guru. He constantly berated her for not moving faster on their common spiritual path. She desired a kinder roommate but couldn’t afford a pause in getting rent. She wanted only peace, love, and to practice her spiritual path.

I immediately felt for this wonderful woman. I detest “I’m more spiritual than you” attacks from anyone. People spiritually evolve at their own pace. I wanted a great reading for this woman.

Like the Tarot readers of California Psychics, I believe it’s important to be scrupulously honest interpreting the cards—honest, not brutal. As I laid out the cards I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Indications of “death” in the Tarot are usually symbolic of a major change, not someone’s demise. Not this time. Card after card clearly and unexpectedly indicated that she did not have long for this Earth. At first, I was going to simply apologize and tell her that the cards weren’t making sense. I’d refund her money and let her go to another reader. Then I looked into her eyes—aged, deep, seeking, and filled with love. I started my reading.

“Your life is about to go through many amazing and powerful changes. All the pains and concerns that have filled you over the past several years will fade away. You won’t have to worry about your living conditions. You’ll be surrounded by those who care for you and will allow you to advance on your path at your own speed without any intimidation or denunciation. You’ll soon feel better than you have in years, and you’ll be very happy.” I went on like this until I finished the reading, telling the absolute truth of the cards but not being… complete. She hung on my every word. Finally, she grasped my hands and looked in my eyes. It was clear that she knew exactly what I meant.

“Thank you,” she said. “That’s what I thought.” She left and I was thoroughly drained; exhausted. I took a long break. Nobody ever saw her at another fair.

Another time a woman in her late forties came for a reading. It turned out she didn’t really want a reading, she wanted metaphysical help to get her son back. “He had been kidnapped by a woman who used sex to get him,” she told me. My first thoughts were of a horrible child abuser, but as we talked something didn’t feel right. Finally, I asked how old her son was. “Twenty-seven,” she replied, “and he should be with me rather than that woman he married!”

I talked with her for a while, trying to get her to accept her son’s decisions. I didn’t give her a reading or any help breaking up her son’s marriage.

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5 thoughts on “Adventures of a Tarot Grandmaster

  1. Alfo

    My ex-wife was into that. Most cards come with instructions gvinig you the short version on what means what. There are countless books on the subjects including interpretation of what you are looking at in the cards and the palm. Any major book store will have enough to keep your nose in a book for months upon years.

  2. Corina

    See if there are classes in your area. I suegsgt you choose your teachers carefully. Use your instincts and only go where you feel drawn Tarot can be learned by buying a deck and interpretative book. Again, choose one that you feel comfortable with. Palmistry.. I think that would have to be classes.

  3. Maria

    Hi. I wondered if you can tell me how a legal matter current in my life will play out? In my favor or will it be bad or me?

    If I need to register first, please let me know how.

    Thank yo Maria Focareto


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