DreamCast: Son’s Adventurous Path Worries Dreamer

Kathy from Missouri writes:

About five years ago, I had a dream about my son, who was fourteen or fifteen years old at the time. In the dream, however, he’s only about seven. We were boarding a very large ship, but we got separated in the crowd of people who were also boarding. My son got ahead of me, and I couldn’t catch up to him. Then I see my dad standing in the crowd of people already  on board. I know if my son gets past my dad without finding him, my son will possibly be gone forever. I watch in terror as my son starts to go past him, and I can do nothing because I’m not on the ship yet. Then I wake up suddenly.

I have never been able to forget that dream. I usually can’t remember my dreams when I wake up, but I have never been able to forget this one. Why do I remember this one so well?

Hello Kathy,

My gut feeling about this dream is that your son managed to get near a barrier between the living and the dead. A ship is often a spiritual symbol of a transition occurring in the life of the dreamer. In your case, I think the people who were boarding were about to transition into the afterlife. Maybe your son was curious about what happens on “the other side” and wanted to go exploring. However, it obviously wasn’t his time to die, nor was it yours because you weren’t on the ship yet.

As for your father, you didn’t say if he was alive or dead at the time of the dream, so I’ll assume he was still alive. In either case, perhaps he was acting as a guard to keep your son from stepping beyond the point of no return (if there is such a place).

On a purely symbolic level, the dream may reveal a concern you had about your son’s safety. Was there something going on in your son’s life at about age fifteen that reminded you of what happened to him eight years previously, like an illness or perilous situation? If so, then that situation may have triggered the dream. Hope that helps!

Sweet dreams,


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