Using Your Intuition to Nourish Your Relationship

Using Your Intuition to Nourish Your Relationship | California Psychics

Strengthen Your Bond

How intuitive are you when it comes to your partner’s wants and needs? Did it feel like you could read their mind, or that you could finish each other’s sentences when the relationship was fresh, but now you seem to have lost the ability? You’d think it would be the opposite since people in long-term relationships should know each other better. However, as time passes and relationships grow, the challenges couples face tend to get more complicated, and so do their needs and feelings. Not to worry though. Your relationship just needs a little bit of nourishing, which you can easily do by using your intuition to learn your partner all over again.

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Ground and Center

Good things rarely come of trying to approach someone from a place of agitation. The best way to access your intuition is to quiet your mind, listen to your breath, and feel your own presence. Can you read your own emotions now? You need to be able to do so because if you can’t read yourself, how are you going to read your partner? Now, tune into your partner. Ask them to quiet their mind and take deep breaths. Synch your breaths and feel their presence. When they become as relaxed as you are, they can open themselves up and you’ll have an easier time reading their cues.

Read Their Eyes

You can tell a lot about your partner’s mood by watching their eyes. For example, large pupils may indicate a big decision is in the works, excitement, or stress. They can also indicate that your partner isn’t being entirely truthful. Where their gaze falls can also tell you where their heart is at. When they look at the door, they want to leave. When they are suddenly preoccupied with a loose thread on their shirt or a freckle on their arm, it can mean they disagree with what you’re saying. It can also mean they have something to say but they don’t want to share or that they are choosing to detach themselves from the situation instead.

Have you ever had a discussion with your partner and they’ve not only closed their eyes but kept them closed for a long time? This could indicate extreme discomfort with the situation, a desire for removal from said situation. Have you ever caught them looking from you to another person in the room? Perhaps they have to choose who to spend time with? This behavior suggests they’re in turmoil. However, where their gaze rests at the end of their eye juggling reveals their true desires of the moment. The eyes aren’t the only important thing to pay attention to though, for the entire body can paint quite the expressive picture.

Read Their Body Language

Communication breakdown is easy when you’re only listening to someone’s words, which is why paying attention to your partner’s body language can answer a lot of questions about their true feelings If your partner is constantly licking their lips, they may be nervous, whereas clenching of the jaw or rubbing their neck could indicate stress or aggravation. When they are suddenly preoccupied with a loose thread on their shirt or a freckle on their arm, it can mean they disagree with what you’re saying. It can also mean they have something to say but they don’t want to share or that they are choosing to detach themselves from the situation instead.

Posture is extremely important in this regard. Whether sitting or standing, if your partner has an open, relaxed posture, with arms either at their sides, on their hips, or only lightly crossed, their probably feeling confident, relaxed, and interested. A hunched posture will indicate a lack of confidence and/or interest, and tightly crossed arms could mean they’re on the defensive.

Avoid the Downward Spiral

Being able to read your partner is a wonderful skill to have because it can improve your relationship. However, this skill can also be detrimental, depending on what you find when you get there. If your partner is in a negative place, it’s likely you’re going to feel negative too. If they feel disappointed in your relationship, you could also start to feel disappointed, either in them or yourself. Negativity is contagious—if you let it be—so make sure you have some emotional barriers in place to avoid absorbing your partner’s negativity.

If you tend to have a negative attitude yourself, you’ll have a lot of work at not allowing what you’re getting from your partner to affect you. Conversely, if you have a positive attitude, it may overpower your partner’s feelings. Don’t use your intuition just so you can view your relationship through rose-colored or gray-colored glasses. If your outlook is generally negative, you should seek help, perhaps from a counselor or a psychic, to get to the root of your feelings before you attempt to read your partner. Sometimes it takes more than centering and grounding yourself to keep you unbiased and impartial.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you’re waiting for a starry-skied evening and a shared bottle of wine to connect with and start paying attention to your partner, don’t. There’s no perfect time to get started! The important thing is to start. Whether they’re sharing the couch with you during a streaming binge fest or scrolling through social media, take a guess as to how they’re feeling. Once you think you’ve got them all figured out, ask them how they’re feeling. How close were you to being correct? Do this again and again, knowing that your relationship will get stronger the more you work at it.

Developing Empathy

At the end of the day, learning to pay closer attention to how your partner is reacting to you, your conversations, and the world at large will only benefit and nurture your relationship. The more you learn about them, and they you, the more empathetic you will be towards each other, and the deeper your connection will become. Relationships are about love, understanding, and compromise, all of which will strengthen and grow the more you develop and listen to your intuition with your partner.

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