I need help interpreting my dream!

Last night I dreamed I was sitting in a bathtub filled with water. I was naked and holding a beautiful baby girl who was smiling and giggling. We were both naked and I was completely comfortable and happy, playing with my baby, dunking her up and down in the water. My husband was nearby (he was naked too) and I was telling him to come join us in the tub.

The sense of euphoria and absolute bliss still feels very real to me even though in waking life,  I am single with no children. Any insight on what this could mean?

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  1. Ana Castillo

    Can some one please help me interpret my current dream(last night) I was in bed with my ex, my abuser and my ex mother in law came in the bedroom on her way out and said something but i’m not sure anymore but then the room started to flood like two inches of water and I told my ex to unplug numerous objects like an alarm clock and a cell phone charger stuff that need electricity so it wouldn’t touch the water and then i asked him if he wanted to do “it” but when we were about to, I didn’t want to anymore!! I blurted out loud ” I love Anthony, I’m in love with Anthony” “We made love and when he kissed me I moaned” He looked at me in a mad way like annoyed irritated frowning i don’t remember but it was a displeased look and stormed out of the bedroom?? What does this mean can a psychic out there help me I have no money but I would be so greatful if someone could just tell me what this dream meant what my mind under sleep was trying to tell me? God Bless.

  2. Annonymous

    I had a dream last night that I was getting married to my boyfried of 2 years plus, but in the marriage there were no rings and ony about 8 people and he kept on ristricting eveyone with food and etc. What does such a dream stand for

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jesse,
    Thank You and I hope you had a wonderful & blessed Samhain & Happy New Year to you and yours too.
    I responded to you in the other section….the section where you had stated how nice it was to have a partner caring enough to bring you breakfast in bed. I totally agree with you.
    Anyway….have a great weekend.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. Ariel X9775

    This is a entirely positive dream, Julia~! The nakedness shows your total vulnerability and comfort with and within yourself. The baby shows birth of a new element of yourself, a new energy cycle. Congratulations~~you’ve just embarked on a wonderful time in your life.

  5. TeriLynn X9625

    TeriLynn X9625 here, and your dream to me indicates deeper feelings and innocent actions for a union of self and realtionship with another. The baby girl represents your innocent approach to your inner self, and being naked represents willness to exposed to all that is the best of you and of the higher good of self and reltionship with your husband. Your bliss is the vibration of happiness in your tomorrow, now. Your awareness is being focused and taking a new excitng path for the greater good of you and your family. If you do not have children or unable to have children this is your inner child, if you are a Mother and your husband your child’s Father then this is a union of deep love and renewal if he is not the Father of the child, you are inviting him to be part of the blisfull union your are experiencing. It represents the union of family, be it within yourself or in manifestation!

  6. Julia

    Thank you, Vivian! I love hearing about abundance, creativity and good things to come!
    I appreciate your insight… very helpful.
    Thank you to everyone for helping me make sense of this dream.

  7. Vivian-9932

    I think your dream is symbolic of new beginnings that you feel are on their way into your life. The circumstances and feelings associated with the dream indicate that there is abundance and good energy surrounding these beginnings and that you feel one with these new situations that you may become part of. The water and unclothed bodies would illustrate that you will not feel as confined with these new situations and that creativity and productive energy will easily flow and the baby also symbolizes your youthful approach and eagerness that you will soon have regarding your life. All in all a very positive indicator of good things to come and lots of new energy surrounding these things.

  8. Aylan 9055

    More on this dream from Aylan 9055…..I am really feeling, because of the euphoria and bliss of the dream and some other nuances that you could be playing with the idea (at least in your subconscious) of what it would like to be in a really great relationship… and it also feels like you are ready to and the timing is right to bring in just the right guy!. I wouldn’t be suprised if you have allready met him! Just a feeling! Aylan 9055

  9. Julia

    Wow, thank you, Aylan! I really love your interpretation and it definitely resonates with me. I’d love to discuss it in more detail in a reading with you. Thanks again!

  10. Aylan 9055

    Your higher self is telling you that you are getting emotionaly cleansed and opened and relaxed and comfortable about some type of joyfull new birth comming into your life! You are also inviting your male aspect to join you in this fun invigorating celebration of birth and growth. So this dream is saying that you are getting ready to really create something with and for yourself in a very balanced way that feels natural to you… it is very creative whatever it is! You could actually be getting ready to enter the beginning of a fuitfull relationship.. or it could be another type of beginning like a creative or bussiness venture… Would love to talk to you about what is going on in your life and what you are focussing on, because our consciousness creates our reality … This dream is telling you that what ever you want to bring out into the world that resonates with the energy of that dream you are ready for and it is ready for you… feels great. Keep focussing on and remembering the feeling of bliss and everything and it will help you to keep your vibrational level high so you can manifest what you want! Love and Light! Aylan 9055


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