A Mother Says Goodbye

I sit today and I am trying to find the words to write my mother’s obituary, she is leaving us soon. You would think I would be full of grief but instead I feel overwhelming peace… I would like to share with you my Christmas miracle.

The gifts of Spirit can be a gift or a curse. To me they have been both. I have known, seen,felt and heard things all my life but I was raised that it was wrong. I have spent my life trying to suppress them, yet at the same time understand them. 12 years ago I hit my knees and totally surrendered my life to God. My health improved, I was in a constant state of bliss. I witnessed miracles happen through me, and saw the soul healings that took place with the words that flowed through me.

In my excitement to share this with my family, I was cast aside. Mom said if I continued to “worship the devil” that she would no longer be my mom. She had shame in her heart that I was her daughter. Now not only have I been super sensitive to people’s words all my life, but I am a Cancer!

Family is the most important thing to a Cancer. I told my mom that I would stop, but I continued to help people, even if it was only a small amount, I could not bring myself to totally shut it down. But I told mom, when she gets to the other side she had better come and apologize to me for all the mean things she has said and done. She said I was crazy. I said maybe, but I am serious, when you see the truth you have got to come and tell me.

Four days ago, I was having dinner with my granddaughter and her other grandma. At the end of the meal Kathy asked me if I have ever met her twin sister, and I said no. She said she keeps seeing you! I thought she meant I was using my gifts to nib in on her privacy, which I would never do. I said tell her to call me, we have to clear this up.

Tuesday morning I got a phone call. The blessing came through a woman named JoAnn. She said this woman keeps coming to her and she thinks it is my mom. Her name is Marian. She has been trying to reach you and you will not listen. (My mom is in the final stages of dementia and Parkinson’s disease.) Mom said she can not leave without my forgiveness, that she knows things now and she is sorry.

This beautiful person Joann had no idea the impact of what she was saying. This is truly a miracle. Mom somehow found this woman and knew she would be the one to get the words to me. Mom kept showing her an image of me — for almost a month! JoAnn told my mom she does not know who I am or how to find me, so mom projected to her an image of my granddaughter, but it was not until last week that JoAnn saw a photo of me on my granddaughters computer and asked her sister, “who is that woman! That is the one I have been seeing! She is the one I have to get the message to!” And she did!

Mom could have waited until she got on the other side, but she gave me a great gift! She accepted it while she is still in her body. I received the blessing of my mom before she leaves here, she said she “sees now and she understands, for me to be me and be happy.” I felt hypnotized, still…now…I feel as if I am in a trance. Yesterday I went to see my mom, I whispered in her ear that I love her and she was only trying to protect me and that there is nothing to forgive. I watched as her body shifted and her breathing became softer and she had a deep sense of peace come over her. This morning I got another call, mom went back to JoAnn to thank her and she said she can leave now, so I know it will be soon.

Sometimes when a person has these gifts they wonder if they are crazy, not having support from the ones we love is hard. Beyond words, it is hard. We have to overcome the judgment of the world and we can not and do not always say the words you want to hear, but the words are what you may need to hear and they are always a blessing and bring eventual peace if we allow them in. When we really need to have something happen for us in our lives so we can move forward, God will always find a way to make it happen. I am at peace and humbled with gratitude that this has all taken place, and this is what it is all about. This is why I do what I do, helping others find peace in their hearts so they can truly experience their lives.

It was through my wanting to help others find peace in their hearts that I was given the gift of true peace in my own.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you!
Claire ext. 5242

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    As a psychic and medium, not to mention the fact that I have literally been pronounced dead and have crossed over twice in this current incarnation……. I can tell you that crossing over was the most peaceful, tranquil. blissful, even joyous, experience I have ever had.
    Just think of your happiest moment …then multiply it by a million…..and you won’t even come close to the peaceful, blissful feeling
    of ” going home”.
    We are all visitors down here on the earthly plane….only here, temporarily, to learn and grow…..we are spiritual beings, from a spiritual plane, visiting the earthly plane
    ……as such…..only when we die, leave our physical shell of a body, and cross over are we truly ” home ” and at peace.
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. christine

    Hi Claire,
    I find this story very interesting but not because I’m psychic (I have had my psychic and metaphysical moments in life and continue to do so. I have also been accused, in my worst hours with a full blown depression going on, by my mother of being into witchcraft, something which I’m not). However, I was impressed with your story because it gave you release from an ever critical and repressive mother. I only hope that my mother, at the age of 86, will do the same for me as your mother did, and give me peace of mind while I’m still on this earth, to also fulfill my God given role in this world, which until now, has, not that I know of, been fulfilled! I say this, because there are still many things in my mind that I have to accomplish, (none of them material, although to deny this fact would also be frankly stupid)and all of which objectives, I personally feel, have been set aside, by me, due to the tribulations of life itself and those, most important to you, who oppose you and continuously, until this day, continue to bring you down so you can’t move forward, because they themselves don’t understand.
    I truly relate to this story because, in the end, your mother, after many years of opposing you, gave you the approval you were seeking. I also hope that my mother will do that for me!
    Thank you for your story it was enlightening!

  3. karen

    hi claire, im so sorry about your mother, my own mum is ten years gone this month, i was devestated. even after all this time it still there, you get use to it, the pain eases but i never will stop missing her. but she is still with me, she lets me know when shes in the room and its comforting, god bless you through this difficult time, karen

  4. Leona Perez

    My mom passed over a week ago this Sunday..I am haveing a hard time letting go…We were very close as my dad had passed when i was only 3 years old, hence she was my only parent….We share so many happy memories together,,we traveled all over and lived close to one another all my life. Later she was dianosed with dementia and it was so hard to watch her go from the happy, healthy person to the frail one that was left…I was with her at the end, she was in a coma but i knew she could hear me, i told her that she was a fighter and had fought a hard battle,but her body was worn out and she should go home to the Lord,i assured her i would be alright and i knew she would be with me more so in the spirit sence….she looked peaceful as she took her last breath and was gone…I know everyone was there on the other side waiting for her…now i seem to want to follow her…i know that would not be her wish,i have a big family here and they need me, but after takeing care of her all my life it is hard to let go…i know the Lord has her now and i am so happy for her,,,i Pray to Him every night to take care of her for me….i greet her every morning as if she is here with me as i feel she is…thank you for this moment…it is a big help… Leona Perez

  5. Carol

    Very interesting comments above……I am not “gifted” but I KNOW things happen from “the other side”. My mom also passed away 4 months ago… Aug. 14th-2 days before my parents wedding anniversary -my dad passed Jan. 1st 1970….I’m having a very hard time with her passing. Things have happened…..I was “talking” to mom after church in the car and told her I could not sing Christmas Carols as it was not a happy time for me. All of a sudden, “Ave Maria” started playing on the radio!!!!! I knew it was her because this was one of her favorites!!!! My grandaughter just got engaged Christmas and we went to find a wedding dress, my daughter, grandaughter and myself. I told my grandaughter I would pay for her wedding dress previously so as I was getting ready to pay “Ave Maria” instantly came on again!!! I ran out of the store crying!!!!! I was using some money I got from my mom’s estate. Our 4 generations were extremely close!!! I absolutely know that she is with us!!!!!! Peace be with you all!!!!!

  6. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    First of all, I have so enjoyed reading all of the interaction here about this lovely story.
    I think there are so many people who have had at least one thing in life where their mother doesn’t understand nor agree with.
    I have been confronted many times about my abilities. When I was younger, I used to get my feelings hurt really bad about this. One day I learned I do not have to defend myself-and then it all started to get better.
    However, one pattern I have noticed when others reach the other side, judgment seems to vanish, as the unconditional appears to take over. Honest to God, I have never channeled loved ones who have crossed over and received negative messages. I think there is something to be said about that. It’s also one of the reasons I am open and comfortable being a medium. Or else I would not do it.
    As far as Kerri’s statement, “A gift or curse”-well, all in all, a gift-but the curse is knowing certain things that you honestly wish you did not know-ie I do NOT have to snoop, I just “know”-and it can be painful when you see the people you love hide things-I heard Sylvia Browne, say once, “It’s so hard for psychics to be in relationships”
    Well, it is and the only thing that can save me, in that respect, is being as humble as I possibly can-And realizing that all humans are bound to make mistakes-
    Claire, most of us all have something that our moms just do not understand or, something that can divide us with them at times. But there is no greater love than a mother-from everything I have seen, even when they don’t agree. However, with anything in life, there are of course, exceptions, I am not going to deny that-But on a global level, I would say most moms have unconditional love for their children.
    We have to forgive the people who do not understand us-it’s a must! As a result, then the miracles begin to take place-just like this story here that Claire wrote for us.
    For what it is worth, I ask you all in this line of work, that the if you are judged, try to take the high road approach/response. The folks who judge this work would love to see you get angry-when they can see there is a sense of “peace” and tranquilty about your work/self, regardless of the personal attacks, most of the time, it will make them question how fair they have really been.
    Thanks again for this story. Everyday is precious. Embrace the moments with your family and special ones.
    You will be glad.
    Miss Krystal

  7. joey 9406

    note: i responded and said fraternal grandmother, lol. i don’t know what that means…i meant paternal, thanks joey.9406

  8. Joey 9406

    Hi Claire,
    I too can relate to many things you have said in your touching post. My mother has been in a coma for four years and it is so hard for my father and myself, I know there will be peace when she passes. She was a most intelligent person, full of wisdom, and caring. It is very difficult to see this reduction. My mother plain out did not believe in psychics. My fraternal grandmother taught me the mystery of the Tarot and the psychic ability, and that would send my mother over the moon. My mom learned first hand I am psychic, and she began to respect that. Maybe she even came to “believe” to a large degree.
    (She is a Cancer too, but totally off with her psychic side)
    Your heartfelt post is appreciated. It was very touching, thank you for sharing. It made me laugh to a degree in re to my mom’s stubborness until I freaked her out a couple of times. And it makes me feel more peaceful about the next stage in her life. Blessings—-Joey 9406

  9. Psychic Claire 5242

    Thank you AE. I hope our reading tonight helped you find some peace and clarity in all that is happening. I am sure the book will be full of the passion and love for your mom that I felt from you on the phone…. We can never go wrong when we apply these two things to anything in life!
    In love and light
    Claire ext. 5242

  10. AE

    Hi Claire: I love your very cool name! And, yes, they (our mom’s) are in a better place. I wish you all happiness with love and light. I know that I need to forgive and move on in my life now, and the mourning process seems to include that. And, I need to write to release my angst about everything related to mom’s death. And, as a published author I am doing that now. In fact my next book was a fun book of journeys with mom, and now it will have more substance. And, that is a good thing if I want to continue getting published. See, everything magically happens for the best. And, I know our mom’s are happy exactly where they are. God’s plan is always so good. Peace and Blessings to you Claire. AE

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Claire,
    Thank You for your kind words…..and I will keep You and your Mother in my prayers.
    I’ve died twice, Claire, and I KNOW what is on the other side awaiting all of us…..true joy & bliss, tranquility and serenity, and freedom unlike any known freedom on the earthly plane.
    Happy New Year…love that name “Claire” by the way….
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  12. Psychic Claire, ext. 5242

    Hi MaryAnne,
    Watching someone we love go through the process of crossing with dementia can be very confusing. I have watched over the past 2 years as my mom regressed to a child, and lost her ability to walk, communicate, and even worse, to hug. Yet at the same time, I watched as her ego disappeared and her true self came to the surface in her energy. I have come to believe that dementia is a gift for those who carry pain in their hearts that they can not release on their own. Through the process of losing self to the dis-ease they find out who they really are and can release once and for all, all the heaviness they carry. To me it has been a blessing to watch as my moms true self healed, yet painful to look at the physical body as it broke down. I am sure your Mom is also at peace , I wish you the best in the New year.
    In love and light,
    Claire, extension 5242

  13. psychic Claire, extention 5242

    Hi AE,
    I am sorry to hear about your mom. Even though we know they are going to a better place than we are, it can still be hard. None of us are ever alone, it is just sometimes through our pain we can not feel the love that flows through us and around us! We are all blessed , we just have to be willing to allow it in! May your New year be full of blessings upon blessings!
    In love and light,
    Psychic Claire, extention 5242

  14. Psychic Claire, extention 5242

    Hi Gina Rose,
    Thank you, and I too believe that she will finally have peace, true serenity, and happiness when she does make the transition. It is my belief that the physical body is a gift given to us to experience life in another way, it is not who we are, we just sometimes forget! It is a mixed up day of emotions when someone passes to the other side…. while the one side is celebrating the reunion ,the other side mournes the separation.
    Thank you for all you give of yourself to help others! I have had the pleasure of getting a reading from you and you are really good !!!!
    Happy New Year to you and yours! Blessings right back at you !
    In love and light,
    Claire, extention 5242

  15. Psychic Claire ext. 5242

    Thank you Brendalynn! I love how all of life can be handled with ease and grace if we believe it, but mostly if we allow it!
    Wishing you and yours a happy New years!
    Psychic Claire, extention 5242

  16. Psychic Claire, ext. 5242

    Hi Joyce, thank you for sharing your touching story!
    Organized religion can hold people in fear, depending on the one who delivers the Word. It can also be a stepping stone to truth. The truth is in the Book, but it has to be read by self to understand, not preached at a person on how to believe. There is no end to life only a change in perception. I am so happy for you that you were given the gift of seeing the reunion!
    May your New Year be full of love, light, and peace.
    Psychic Clare, exten. 5242

  17. Psychic Claire ext. 5242

    Hi Tricia,
    Thank you, I am happy that sharing my story has given you hope, may it continue to follow you through the New Year. Life can be very beautiful, it is through hope, desire, and taking a chance on change that we can see this. I wish you and yours the best year ever!
    Love and light,
    Claire, ext. 5242

  18. Psychic Claire, ext. 5242

    Hi Browneyes, thank you for sharing your story. I agree that premonitions are for healing and preparation of what is to come.
    Everyone receives differently. A good way to decipher visions and dreams is to get a journal, make a list of all the details you can remember of the vision or dream and sit it aside for a day. Find time when you can sit alone in a quiet and peaceful state and contemplate one detail at a time, asking yourself what this means to you, and listion to the answer, do not question it. Write it down next to the detail. Soon you will have your own guide to interpretation of your knowing. Sometimes it just is what it is, no symbols. I saw my brothers death 20 years before he crossed, and three days before he did, an angel appeared and nodded three times, that interruption was easy, he crossed to the other side 3 days later. Some are simple and some take a little bit of time. I hope this helps you to developing your gifts, this is just one of many ways that you may find helpful.
    Happy new year to you and yours.
    Psychic Claire exten. 5242

  19. Psychic Claire ext. 5242

    Hi Kerri, none of us ever wants to hurt anyone, and sometimes the truth does hurt temporarly. Being “hypersensitive.” in this world is sometimes hard, there is so much pain “out there” in the either’s. Although sometimes painful, it is the double edge sword of pain and bliss and we have the choice to tap into either one. Personally I feel that others denial of truth helps to build a stronger foundation within the ones who believe. Once you have experienced it , it it part of you that can not be denied. “Hypersensitive.” people can help change the world one person at a time! God bless you for all you do and may your New year be full of blessings for you, yours, and all who come to you.
    Love and light,
    Claire Extention 5242

  20. ae

    Hi Claire: Seems like your story is similar to so many of us that God holds close. My mother also just passed 4 months ago today. Reading your beautiful words along with many of the responses you received gave me a blessing; because your words made me know once and for all that I will never be alone. Thank you, AE

  21. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Claire,
    I’m a Cancer, too, and have done this wonderful work we do for 40 years. We are the most sensitive, aren’t we, and the world is a gentler place for it.
    Lost my Mother to dementia as well and it is a difficult condition for everyone involved. My clairvoyance was inherited through her, her mother and her grandmother. My grandmother and great-grandmother were powerful psychics and while my Mother did have precognitory dreams, she, for the most part did not chose to use her gifts and certainly not for anyone outside of the family. Fortunately, she did not consider our ability the “devil’s work”, but she certainly wasn’t comfortable with the idea of using the gift for “strangers”.
    I’m so glad for you that your Mother was able to show her love and acceptance for you now, and, I must tell you that I am certain you remained her daughter in her heart every day since you were born, regardless of any path you chose.
    Prayers and best wishes to you both as you and your Mother prepare for and approach a transition.
    Ext. 9146

  22. Tricia

    I was very moved by what I read. Thankyou it has given me hope. Hope you and your family had a lovely Xmas and that you all will have a wonderful New Year.

  23. Abigail Ext 9570

    Merry Christmas to you! Lovely story it gives the clients a glimpse of the path we choose to walk in our chosen profession. Not always easy or glamorous. My family and my mother included will avoid it yet she will say you have a good job.LOL Sometimes I give her messages and she just gets that scared laugh thing going, yet I know she knows its just one of those things you pretend is not real because she does not see it.
    My mentor was raised Chatholic she was blind as a child. She had some major surgeries and while she was hospitalized, afraid and alone the angels started keeping her company, spirits would visit.
    When she started talking about it her Spanish mother got scared told the priest. Now you know what happened. The very same thing that your story is about. She stayed true to her calling and the family accepted her gifts. Her mother of course is no longer afraid and she is the very strenght for her now very ill mother. Mama knows she will always be able to communicate with her.
    Many Blessings

  24. Psychic Brendalynn Ext. 5173

    Beautiful story Claire! I can feel the empowerment for both you and your mom as I read this. I love that you said “there is nothing to forgive.” Isn’t it interesting and so incredibly liberating when resentments fall away with grace and ease in the face of Truth?
    Thank you for sharing this hopeful and inspiring story of healing.
    Tremendous Love,
    Ext. 5173

  25. Kerri

    Hi Claire,
    Thank you for sharing your story about your mother, and your journey as a person with psychic gifts. This touched me because I can relate to it as well.
    I’m not a psychic who reads for people by phone, but rather a mother, sister, daughter, doctor, and spiritual healer with intuitive and empathic gifts. Many times these gifts aren’t understood by others, especially family.
    As a child and young woman, I grew up with people telling me I’m “hypersensitive.” I took this as a negative about myself for years, a flaw. Often I would distrupt my family by saying what I felt was the truth about certain situations. This was not welcomed. Family members have even disconnected from me for a couple of years at a time. They just didn’t want to hear it.
    Eventually I would get a call with a huge apology and, “You were right, I just wasn’t ready to hear it at that time,” phone call.
    Although I loved receiving confirmation that what I had felt and seen came to pass and an understanding by the other party resulted, I didn’t like the feeling that I hurt someone in the process. This is very painful because I love people and try not to hurt anyone intentionally.
    Unfortunately with this work it happens. I can resonate with your statement, “It’s a gift or a curse.” I say this all the time.
    I want to mention that my daughter is also a cancer. She continues to show me how deep cancerian emotions run. She is such a blessing to me as a virgo mom.
    This comment was not to tell you about me, but rather to thank you for your story. It helped me tremendously to know I’m not alone.
    Blessings to you and your mother.
    What a lovely and priceless Christmas gift she has given you.

  26. browneyesbrowneyes

    Lovely story Claire. I would like to share something with you. My mother and I were very close even though we had the normal problems when I was a teenager. She had always been plagued by one illness or another since I was a little girl. When I was in nursing school, I had a dream one night of my mom walking up to me and she looked like she did when I was a little girl. She took my hand and looked into my eyes and said simply “I will die this summer”. This dream was in the spring of 1990. It was so real and vivid. I told some of my friends about the dream when I went to classes that day. Well, that summer on July 25, my mother did indeed die. My classmates that knew of my dream were amazed. But I had such a feeling of peace and that she was finally at rest. God gives us these premonitions I think so that we can find peace in these situations. I just wish I could understand the warnings and messages better.
    I wish you peace with what you have ahead of you. And thank you for your story.

  27. Joyce

    This story has really taken my breath away. This is so much like my story.
    I’m a minister’s (deceased)daughter and my Dad and Mom always said, “It’s the devils work because I have always been psychic, medium, etc.. I can remember back to the day my brother was born and I was 22 mos. of age. My life was a constant battle because of their Baptist religion. Being Aries, I didn’t listen or let their beliefs change mine. I believe in God, Angels, Guides, etc. but I don’t believe in organized religion. It is nothing but cults trying to force people to do what they say is right. My Dad died in 1989 and I visited him on The OTHER SIDE 4 days after he was buried. He said to me, “You were right and was wrong” and I knew what he meant and he apologized to me. My Mom died in 2008 of dementia. She always said that she hadn’t wanted me when I was born. She told me a thousand times, probably but it never bothered me
    and still don’t. A couple of months or so before she died she suddenly turned to me one day, looked at me and said, “I am soooo sorry for the way that I’ve treated you”. I was shocked that she suddenly knew me that day. It was alright. On the day that she died, she was very weak and tired and I knew she was afraid to die because of the unknown. I was standing at the foot of her bed and suddenly asked my son to let me stand by her head and we changed places. I walked up, rubbed my hand over her hair, told her that I have more gray hair than she did. (She didn’t look 86 years of age, no wrinkles and a very few gray hairs in her black hair) She got a breath and a tear rolled out of the corner of her right eye. I suddenly saw my Dad standing at the edge of a large body of water. I said “Mommy, Daddy is waiting for you.” She stopped breathing and stepped up beside of Daddy on the sandy beach, he put right arm around her shoulders, locked his arm around her and they turned and walked across the sand just as a huge crowd of people came rushing toward them. My vision ended and I told my children, sister, brother and all the others there what I had seen.
    I moved into their home about 4 months after she died and they are with me all the time and having a good time. Can get a little noisy sometimes. Ha!! Now, they understand they can visit anytime and they were wrong to deny my GIFT. My Mom’s father was psychic also. Organized religion can warp even intelligent people’s thinking. I’m happy to have them around, now.

  28. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Claire,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your Mother. Your story was a very touching one indeed.
    It is always hardest for those left behind on the earthly plane….but she will experience true serenity, peace, and happiness when she reaches the other side.
    I will keep you and her in my prayers.
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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