Holiday Forecast

After some challenging influences on Christmas Eve, sparking some family skirmishes, no doubt, Christmas Day gets an infusion of joyful influences that favor both unique and traditional celebrations.

Blast from the past
First, there’s the rather conventional energy from Venus entering Capricorn. Venus is all about love, while Capricorn is all about tradition. So talking about your family history, stories and traditions – including some funny anecdotes – are excellent ways to align with this influence. And don’t forget to express appreciation for loved ones who are no longer here, which will help reconnect you with your roots (in a good way).

Create new traditions
However, if you’re looking for a start fresh, you can begin your own holiday traditions through festive decorations of your choice, home-cooked goodies to share and hosting a get-together for the people you love. Incorporating some spiritual practices, in whatever way works for you, can also awaken your holiday spirit.

Be unique!
However, Christmas Day isn’t all about tradition; Moon in Aries energizes the desire to express your individuality and try something new. Even better, passion and creativity escalate in the evening because of a trine from Mars in Leo. Games, sharing stories and other humorous and creative activities will heighten the fun – and that includes a sexy post-celebration rendezvous, if you’re so inclined. Just watch out for foot-in-mouth syndrome from the Moon-Mercury square.

War of the roses
The weekend, however, may see some prickly issues arise in relationships. A Venus-Pluto conjunction can add depth to romantic trysts, but it can also bring out controlling behavior, extreme reactions, jealousy and power struggles, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Plus, a square from Saturn can reawaken any fears you’ve ever had about love. It’s best to acknowledge any feelings that come up so you can work through them, but don’t do anything drastic, in word or deed.

New Year nuttiness
There’s nothing like a Full Moon to bring out the nuts, especially on New Year’s Eve. Yes, you guessed it – the Full Moon falls on December 31. What’s more, it’s an eclipse (unpredictable) in the sign of Cancer (emotionalism). Oh, boy. Renditions of “Auld Lang Syne” are likely to bring an outpouring of tears and reminiscences. And don’t be surprised if you see couples (or friends) passionately embracing or fighting – or both, in quick succession.

Perhaps most important, you can avoid the nuts out there (or becoming a nut yourself) by being mindful of drinking and driving.

On the bright side, Full Moons are great for parties because of the heightened energy. And Cancer is a favorable influence for homey gatherings because it’s the sign family.

A fresh start
Moon in Cancer continues into the first day of 2010, heightening the need to have family and/or close friends around you. It’s a good day to express your feelings to those you love, and to get in touch with your own feelings and what you want in the New Year. Then in the evening, when the Moon enters lively, passionate, creative Leo, think about how you’ll make those dreams come true.

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