Retire The Past…

As one year ends and another threatens to begin, it is the perfect time to assess this past year with one mission in mind – retiring it, in preparation for the year ahead. Don’t get caught in the trap of lambasting everything you wish you would have done, instead focus on setting healthy and helpful intentions for the year to come. Let no avenue go un-chartered as you conduct an inventory of your life, making sure to cover areas around family dynamics, love and contentment, and career and financial goals. Here’s how…

Shift focus
When we set out to conduct a life assessment the most common trapping is to hash and rehash what went wrong or not according to plan. Do yourself a favor by skipping that aspect of the inventory. You lived it, no need to re-live it. Instead, focus on all of the things or situations where you met or exceeded expectations. You finally got that healthy relationship you’d been yearning for or maybe a fruitful relationship with your boss. Great news! Stop and reflect on what went right and why. Chances are the positive movements that you experienced this year were a direct result of your hard work and commitment to the cause. It is important to take notice of what you did to impact positive change in your life, so you can parlay those good habits into other aspects of your life for the future.

It’s been said that behind every great man or woman there was a remarkable person in their corner, encouraging them every step of the way. Same goes for all of us regular folks. We all know that it is easy to blame others when things go wrong. Flip that bad habit into a good one by giving kudos to those supportive people that have been rallying in your corner in good times and bad. The ones that believed in you when you might have lost hope or even given up all together. Why? First, it’s just good karma to thank people, whether it was for helping you through rocky times, or celebrating some awesome ones. It’s easier than you might think and it goes a long way in keeping those people in your court. It’s a healthy habit to get into – rewarding good behavior. Everybody likes to be appreciated for their contribution and support. Second, by walking down that memory lane, you get to relive the positive aspects of those experiences.

Ditch the not-so-glad tidings and grudges
Nobody likes a scrooge, especially this time of year. You know who you are, stop it! If you have been cranky for no apparent reason it is time to swap that attitude for a healthy one. By shuffling around in a bad mood you’re ensuring one thing – you will linger in your bad feelings. You’re not only raining on your own parade, your also impacting those poor souls around you that are left to lap up the wake of your sour mood. Shift your mindset, your physical presence, your outfit, or your diet, whatever it takes to get the “funk” out of your system before year’s end. This should go without saying but let’s say it anyway. As the year draws to an end, so should it end any and all grudges that you’ve been harboring. Growling causes wrinkles, not to mention it can lead to poor mental and physical health. There is nothing to be gained by holding a grudge, little or small. The only thing that it will accomplish is holding you back from success and happiness in the New Year. Be the bigger person if need be, by apologizing, forgiving, or whatever it takes, but end this year by letting bygones be where they belong – in the past.

Chart the course ahead
Now that you’ve walked down memory lane, assessed what worked for and against you and ditched the bad feelings that were holding you back, you are ready to move forward. Take this time to ruminate on where you hope to take your life in the upcoming year and identify some of the proactive steps that you can take now to pave the way. Then enjoy the passing of one year in favor of what is right around the corner – new year, new beginning. Drive forward without looking back!

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