A Heavenly Cure for Writer’s Block

There’s no doubt in my mind that Angels are real — that they are here to help us, guide us, and bring messages of hope, truth, and enlightenment.

Encounter number one had to do with a book I was writing back in 1993. I had been struggling with writer’s block and it had plagued me for weeks to the degree that I began to question whether or not I could actually finish the book. I was horribly discouraged. On top of everything else, although it was a cold, rainy Sunday, the phone started ringing and soon my calendar for the whole day was filled with private clients wanting readings. It seemed everyone had an emergency.

By about 7pm things quieted down and I pondered whether or not to spend the rest of the night trying to reboot myself into what seemed a futile attempt at continuing the stonewalled manuscript. Then the phone rang again. It was an elderly woman I did not know with a beautiful and very heavy European accent. She said she was going to be in my neighborhood at about 8:30 and asked if I had the time, could she stop by and discuss some things with me. I said sure. 8:30 came and went and no elderly European lady arrived. I figured that frigid weather, 50 mile per hour wind, and horizontal rain made her change her mind.

Shortly after 10pm I was winding down for the night and there was a soft knock at the door. She apologized for the delay and I had her sit down in my reading room. To this day, she remains one of the most exquisite individuals I have ever met. She was unlike anyone I had ever known.

Her personal energy left me lightheaded and her sheer dignity left me in awe. She had skin like porcelain and was perfectly groomed. As I kept trying to tap into her energy, all I saw was a brilliant, unearthly, all-consuming type of light, so soft, so bright, that even today, I have no words to describe what it was like. It nearly brought me to my knees.

My cat, normally afraid of strangers, came running into the room, leaped into her lap and pressed her whole body hard against the woman. She then curled into a ball on her lap, all the while purring quite loudly — I would have never thought a cat could be so loud. Lovingly, this unique woman spoke softly to her and gently stroked her fur.

I continued trying to tap into her energy but saw only the breathtaking light. Finally, I apologized and explained that I was unable to read for her. Although I said nothing about what I was feeling, she almost seemed to know. I was stunned and embarrassed. Finally, out of absolute desperation I told her, “It would be wonderful to read your memoirs,” and she laughed replying, “Oh, they would be very interesting, indeed.”

Then she placed money for the reading I couldn’t complete on my antique trunk. Before I could even tell her I couldn’t accept the payment, she was somehow at the front door in my foyer to leave. Suddenly and without warning, she turned around and peered directly into my eyes while I stood motionless in my spot — it was as though she was penetrating and studying my very soul.

In a voice of such loving authority she said to me, “Oh, by the way, your book will be magnificent my dear,” then like the wind, she was out the door and gone. Speechless, I froze momentarily then ran to the window. Only seconds had passed but she was gone. No car had time to pull away or disappear down my long driveway. It was as though she had dematerialized … evaporated into the night. Then it occurred to me that when she arrived she was not wet from the torrential downpour nor was she wearing a rain coat or even carrying rain gear.

All day long clients came in dripping and propping umbrellas against my front porch. Everyone that is, but her. Stunned, I sank into a nearby chair. My eyes wandered to a book a friend had loaned me weeks earlier and kept forgetting to retrieve. My shaking hands dropped it and as I picked it up from the floor it opened to a page that had a paragraph which jumped out at me and read, “Blessed are those who enlist kindness to strangers, for they often entertain angels unawares…”

In a split second I realized that she had not come to me for a reading. That’s why I couldn’t read her. She had come to deliver a message. Even now these many years later I often see her twinkling eyes in my minds eye, as if she were saying “hello.” On December 1, 1999 I delivered my manuscript, “Manifesting Beauty.” After the angel encounter I immediately sat down at my computer and put her story in my manuscript. The writer’s block was gone and never returned.

9 thoughts on “A Heavenly Cure for Writer’s Block

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  3. Jean Ann Alexandre, France

    When my first marriage ended in a divorce, my son went to visit his father one day and I saw a cherubin sitting on his bed. Steven announced to me that his brother was born. I felt a warm rush of warmth in the middle of my chest. I was so grateful that the angel had not left me out, telling me in advance.
    Today, I have two girls. Sometimes, there are white wings around me. Once more, I feel that my angels are near by. Their presence comforts me.
    I must remember to pray. Only then do they appear. Spiritual cleansing and meditation have to hold a place in my life for the celestial beings to come in.

  4. Melanie

    I had diffulcty spleeping. It is 2:19AM and the wind is also howling. I turned on my computer, I clicked on my e-mail and your story. What a most wonderful and enchanting story. I know I have encounted strangers before that came into my life so briefly and at such perfect timing, they had to be an angel. Many years ago, I was once in a line waiting. I dropped something and a very proper gentleman picked it up for me and touched my hand. He said, “My dear, you must write that book.” He moved along and I never saw him again. I had always wanted to write a book, still haven’t but somehow at this early hour of restlessness, reading your lovely story was another sign. I must write that book.
    Thank you for sharing your encounter.
    Many Blessings to you and to all of the angels who appear to us in such an ordinary way with such timely messages that do indeed change our lives. Melanie

  5. stefie

    What a story ! Thank you so much for sharing it 🙂
    I absolutely believe that some people are not what we think they are, that they can be angels “in disguise”. So try to be good to everyone, because you never know… ;D

  6. Faith - 9608

    What a lovely article Fiona! It’s so nice to see you here … welcome!
    I’ve been hearing clairaudiently over and over these days the quote you mentioned here – “Blessed are those who enlist kindness to strangers, for they often entertain angels unawares…”
    An elderly man came to my door not long ago. He just showed up, no appointment. In my little Sedona town that’s not so unusual though, people are quite friendly here. He was dressed like a ship’s captain and looked quite stunning in his uniform. Well if you know anything about the high desert in Arizona, there’s definitely no ocean, hardly a lake, barely any body of water to speak of anywhere. All we have is a creek that flows through the canyon.
    So I cautiously opened the door. He was smiling brilliantly! He handed me a small wooden cross and said, “I’ve been carving this for you.” — uh what? who? – huh?! It was so beautiful … small and very shiny, yet made from wood! Well I was stunned … I couldn’t even form a single syllable much less an entire word. He smiled with literally a twinkle and was off … wait-that’s what? – he was gone! I stared at the cross in my hand and by the time I closed the door and looked out the window he had disappeared completely. I always keep this cross close especially when I’m doing readings.
    “Angels unawares…”
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  7. Veronica

    BEAUTIFUL! I am curently struggling to complete an important project that I have been procrastinating. My fears get in the way of finishing my thesis! These past 2 years have been the most difficult in my life. Thank you Fiona for sharing your story. I am not the only person who has gone through this same experience.

  8. Fran

    Hello Fiona!
    First, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your article!!! It sent wonderful, warm shivers down my scalp and arms. Isn’t it amazing how our pets can sense the specialness in someone, angelic or otherwise? Your cat was certain that your guest was no doubt sent from above. I would love to read your book. Would I be able to find it online?
    Hope you have an awesome day!


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