9 Benefits of a Past Life Reading

Hern This has to be one of my favorite tools. I have been a certified hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist now for 10 years. The theory is that we can bring patterns into our current lifetime from a past life or past lives. Some of these patterns are good while some of them can be detrimental and destructive in our current life.

I get people all of the time telling me that they were Joan of Arc, Jesus, or some other important historical figure in their past lives. While there are other explanations as to why they feel that way, there is one thing about this that I know to be true. There were more “ordinary” people in history than there were famous people. So there is a greater chance that you were somebody from the ordinary category. This doesn’t mean that it was an ordinary life for you, just that you weren’t famous, and that’s ok.

The wonderful thing about PLR is that it can give you information that you’ve been looking for. As I have learned, the information that you receive is 70% of the healing. Past Life Regression can help you tremendously to see the patterns in your life. See the list below to see the potential things that PLR can help you with:

  1. How powerful you were in a past life – it helps you reconnect with that.
  2. Why you attract destructive relationships.
  3. Why you stay in the wrong relationships.
  4. If there is a connection between people in your life now and past lives.
  5. Phobias – Maybe connected to past lives.
  6. Addictions.
  7. Fears.
  8. Patterns – destructive and life building.
  9. Weight releasement

Past Life Regression is also connected to regression therapy in that you may find your first instance of destructive behavior linked to your childhood or adolescence. It’s important to understand though that this may or may not by the first or only instance of it. PLR can explore this in a very safe and effective way.

With each session, you can heal a little at a time or get the whole thing in one session depending on the extent of the issue. PLR can help you on the path of becoming that person you know you can be. With this tool memories can be brought to light from previous lives as well as the current one. This includes the memories and the things that we are born with both good and bad contained in the lineage from father and mother.

Stay tuned for some stories about some of the coolest regressions I have been part of and the healing that took place.

4 thoughts on “9 Benefits of a Past Life Reading

  1. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hey no ego here. I was a servant, a maid and refuge lol oh and a young female who crashed in the mid 60’s. No gala and frills in those lives lol
    Want to crack up? After I read this, I went out to my den, and my partner had just bought the book, “Mary-Queen of Scotland.” lol

  2. Believer

    Thanks Hern!
    This is a fascinating subject. I read all of Brian Weiss books years ago including the popular ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ and have been sold on the benefit of past life regression(s) ever since.
    I have had numerous past life regressions. I have found them extremely helpful (when done right) in making sense of certain patterns & connections with special people in this lifetime. I believe that the profound connections we feel with people can many times be attributed to our past life soul memories of them.
    I look forward to your future stories on the regressions you have been apart of and the healing that took place.
    Blessings to you.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Hern,
    Great article !!!!!
    And yes,LOL, I get people telling me they were famous figures in a past life..ALL of the time.
    Part of that is their ego talking…..not that it may not be true in some rare cases….but I’ve lost track and count of all of the clients who feel as if they were King Arthur’s Queen~ Guinevere.
    An ordinary array of past lives can really be as important, even more important, than having been somebody powerful and famous in a past life….Karmically speaking.
    I, myself, can trace my genetic ancestry back to THE William Wallace of ScotLand, ( you know, BraveHeart)…..
    ..but it doesn’t mean I WAS William Wallace in a past life. Even though, repeated past life regressions tell me I’ve been all over Scotland & Ireland. But I was NOT William Wallace.
    And that’s ok.
    Blessed Be )O(……Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. Abigail Ext 9570

    Welcome Hern,
    Nice article glad to see you. I too am a Hypnotherapist and certified Past Life Regression Therapist. I’ve had some very interesting past lives although I know there certainly is more so you just may be the person I’ve been waiting for to regress me the next time.
    Many Blessings & Happy Thanksgiving


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