Lessons from Your Past Lives

Lessons From Your Past Lives | California Psychics

Our Past Lives Speak to Us

Looking into past lives and the lessons we have learned on a grand, cosmic scale can sound daunting, but in reality, we are all receiving messages from ourselves all the time. Our innate knowledge and intuition are really our souls remembering and giving us clues about ourselves. The more we look into what lies within us, and our pasts, the more we can understand how we behave in the present, and how we can use these lessons to progress further in the future.

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy is a form of therapy that uses hypnosis to bring someone into a relaxed state to help them uncover parts of their past that they may not be able to remember. This is the same thing that happens when hypnosis is used to try and recover traumatic experiences, but when you’re looking at your past life, you’re searching the soul’s memory instead of just the brain’s memory.

The core idea around past life regression is reincarnation; the idea that the soul continues on after the body has finished living. The idea of reincarnation dates back to the Vedic period of antiquity, in southeast Asia. Other religions followed, from Buddhism to Judaism, to ancient Greece and Ireland. There are stories of reincarnation from the Australian Aboriginal people, as well as many Native American tribes.

People who believe in reincarnation believe, on some level, that our souls have had other journeys before ours, and that they will have others afterwards as well. Many people, especially children, claim to have clear memories of their past lives. Some even know names and former addresses, in ways that are seemingly impossible. However, unlike the more medically accepted memory recovery, past life regression is often impossible to prove, and therefore the subject of scrutiny. Even so, the practice itself has myriad benefits, even if they’re only spiritual or psychological.

The Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

The more you learn about your past lives, the lessons you’ve encountered, and the trauma you’ve endured, the easier it becomes to understand your dreams, your triggers, and your deep fears. Sometimes we don’t know why we are reacting to certain situations the way we are, because the reason is not contained within our current memory. Trauma stays in the soul, and on the one hand it equips us better to deal with it when we face it again, and on the other, we are often on the look-out for familiar danger, even when that danger is not a threat to our current selves.

If you have recurring dreams about disaster, or strange places, looking into past lives can provide answers for why you’re feeling and seeing the things you are.

What Can You Learn from Past Lives?

Some of the more important things we can learn from past lives is where we are in our soul cycle, the lessons we have learned, and the unique set of challenges we are set to face. There is a reason we have come up against the hardships that we have; it is the journey each soul needs to go on. There are hard but vital lessons to be learned, and to be carried over. In the same vein, we have been gifted with intuition and understanding beyond logic.

Sometimes, children are referred to as old souls, because it’s clear that there is a deeper understanding of the Universe, and at times even a weariness, that comes with great age. At times, very old souls will complete their journey, and retire into something beyond. Occassionally new souls are born, and everything is seen with true wonder. Not everyone has past lives and not everyone has the same amount of past lives. But there are always lessons to be learned, and cosmic connections to be tended.

Past Lives and Soulmates

There are people who follow you across the stars. Certain souls are bound together, connected with cosmic thread, by quantum physics, or by faith. There is no single soulmate, but rather many souls that you know on a deeper level, and who will find you at some point in this life. The people you’re closest with; friends, family, lovers—the strangers you meet and feel instantly as if you’ve known them a lifetime—those are all your soulmates.

Personal Experience Holds Power

Your current life is a journey that builds not only on the lessons you have learned from your past lives, but also on what you’ve learned in your recent past too. As many don’t believe in reincarnation or past lives, it stands to reason that your past is all you have to draw on for lessons on self-improvement. In that case, look to the mistakes you’ve made and the people you’ve met. Mistakes are not failures to cry over, they’re how you build your knowledge and expertise, while the people you’ve known carry decades of knowledge with them. It’s all knowledge that you can benefit from in your personal and professional life. Drawing on your own past experiences, or the experiences of others is the best way to ensure a successful future for yourself and those around you.

Trust the Past

Past life regression is a great tool for looking inward with the intent of understanding, or even healing yourself. There are ways to do it in depth with a therapist or spirit guide, but it can also be done at home with meditation and practice. We all owe it to ourselves to all pay attention to the messages and memories in our dreams, and to trust the intuition that has been bestowed upon us over millennia.

Wondering who you were in a past life? The clues are there but they can be really subtle. That’s where a past life psychic comes in. They can tell you where your soul has been, and a past life reading can help you resolve the inexplicable fears, desires, and emotional hang-ups you still need to overcome.

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