How Past Lives Influence Present Incarnations

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When Your Past Seeps Into Your Present

Those who accept the premise of reincarnation know that past lives can carry over and have an effect on a person’s current incarnation. For example, an obsession with a certain historical era, an inclination to adopt a particular style of dress or hairstyle, a strong preference for foods from a foreign culture, or a longing to visit a particular country or region can all be signs of a past life connection. Similarly, recurring dreams where you return to the same scenarios or interact with the same characters can also point to past lives.

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The Connection Can Be Seen in Childhood

If you’re drawn to participating in Civil War reenactments or Renaissance faires, for example, you might be expressing an urge to reconnect with a past life. Children who display interests, habits, or inclinations that are foreign to what they grew up with are often reenacting a past life imprint. Some of them drop these habits as they grow older and become increasingly exposed to the influences of the people around them and to popular culture while others retain their quirky interests and habits throughout their lifetimes.

A Past Life Could Be a Parallel Life

Modern theorists, as well as many ancient shamanic traditions, posit that time isn’t linear and thus what we call past lives are actually parallel lives that are currently going on in other dimensions or realms of reality. If time isn’t linear, then it’s possible your past lives are playing out in other dimensions alongside the life you’re currently experiencing. Still, no matter which concept you agree with, you can benefit from the wisdom and gifts from your other incarnations.

Your Past Lives are Blessings

Your past lives might help you access abilities developed in previous lives such as musical or artistic talents. While not everyone can be a musical virtuoso or creative prodigy, your abilities can still bring joy to your life in the present day. Although, if you do display genius-level proficiency, chances are you’ve been developing that skill over many lifetimes. Tapping into past lives can also help you understand recurring themes and deep connections with people in your present life. Even a connection to a total stranger could have roots in a past life.

New Meaning, Purpose, and Aha Moments

Some people seem to be more adept at past-life recall. Still, others might not have a clue about who or what they were in a past life. It could be said that those who remember past lives do so because there’s something left unresolved. However, those who consider themselves fully anchored in the present may have tied up enough karmic loose ends to give their full attention to the here and now. In either case, it can be enlightening to explore who you once were. Your quest could provide answers to some of your most pressing personal dilemmas including understanding relationship karma and trying to decide upon a career path. What you learn could spark an aha moment that makes sense of everything. It could also provide you with new meaning and purpose.

Here are a few tips for accessing your past lives and mining them for wisdom and guidance:

    • Keep a dream journal. Dreams often involve dropping in on past or parallel lives. The details you recall may have some relevance in your current life. However, it might not be obvious until later on—hence the need to jot them down.
    • Pay attention to the historical eras, cultures or countries you feel connected to. Read books, do research on the Internet, and watch relevant films or TV shows. Your search could yield even more information about a past life that rings a bell for you. If a special destination is close by, check it out and see if you get a psychic hit.
    • Go back as far as you can in your childhood memories. Did you have any interests or habits that were out of sync with the place, time, and environment of your childhood? You can also ask your parents, siblings, relatives, and caretakers if you displayed any unusual traits. These memories can certainly be potent clues to past lives.

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