5 Ways to Excel at the Art of Persuasion

It’s a big world out there, and the loftier your goals, the more people you may need on your side. As you continuously map out your life’s ambitions, consider trying these tips to enrich your persuasive nature.

1. Appeal to Their Needs

If you want the people you need to influence to be invested in your objective, you’ve got to show them what’s in it for them. Specifying the benefits they would gain invites them to take a personal interest in your goal. Everything in life involves some give-and-take, and if you can convince people that they will come out on top if they assist you, you’ll quickly have them marching to your tune.

2. Lots and Lots of Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact makes you appear sincere and trustworthy. Eyes have been called the “windows to our souls,” and using them to show passion and commitment to your objective can go a long way towards engaging the interest of others.

3. Ask For More Than You Need

This technique is somewhat manipulative, but effective. By hinting at needing a larger favor than you actually do, when the substantially smaller need is requested, it no longer seems as large. Concurrently, if asking too much has them refusing, guilt can be a valuable asset. If they rejected you once, they may have a harder time saying no to the second favor. However, it is good to remember to use this technique only infrequently, and for worthy reasons.

4. Create Common Ground

It’s important to mentally and emotionally connect to the other person in any way you’re able to. Using “we” instead of “I” in your conversation creates a common ground with others that will invariably move you closer to your goals. If the two of you are in this together, then both of you will do what needs to be done to reach the common objective.

5. All About the Timing

It’s important to know when the timing is right to approach someone regarding their favor or support. If they are overwhelmed with their own personal or professional life, they can hardly be available to aid you in yours. You also want them to be thinking of you favorably before you ask something of them. Your chances for a positive outcome are enhanced by doing something for them first, which puts them in a grateful frame of mind.

The art of persuasion has been used as an effective tool for many centuries by leaders, politicians, and businessmen. Perhaps, with a little practice using these tips, you too can reap the benefits of this impressive power to influence others.

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One thought on “5 Ways to Excel at the Art of Persuasion

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Tips # 4 and 5 are very good tips…..

    in fact I agree with all of these tips except for tip # 3…..tip # 3 will cause you to lose credibility in any type of relationship. I know the article says to use it infrequently, but it is manipulation, and I would not resort to using it at all for that very reason. ( It’s also brings about bad Karma).

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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