2012: The Beginning of a New Cycle

What’s Coming in 2012—An End or a Beginning?

While many people are choosing to ignore the Mayan calendar end date in 2012, many others predict a catastrophic finish to our planet. Add to this the Nostradamus prophecies which also predict planetary disasters at the same time the Mayan calendar ends.

There is an eerie synchronicity to the Mayan calendar ending and what scientists are saying about the future of Planet Earth. As Earth approaches 7 billion in population, scientists are predicting that we are close to exhausting the Earth’s ability to self-replenish and question whether our planetary ecosystems will collapse under the toxic stress of over-population and global warming. Add to this political instability and economic concerns, and it gets downright scary!

Are the scientists marching along with the Mayans? Actually, no. Most archeo-astronomers, who have done extensive research into what the ancient Mayans meant by their brilliant and near-perfect astronomy and calendars, tell us that Mayans thought of time as circular. Mayans actually had three different calendar periods with endings,two of which have already occurred and nothing cataclysmic has happened. The third ending is ahead of us in 2012.

According to scientists, ancient Mayans believed that when one calendar ended, another time period would begin. And no predictions of catastrophic earth events on 12/21/2012 have been found in any Mayan documents. It is true, however, that many documents were lost when the Mayan culture was was invaded.

What is special about this ending in the Mayan calendar, however, is that there remains no more beginnings, or Mayan astronomical calculations after 2012. And here is where present day interpretations may have created some of the doomsday prophecies. Did the Mayans really mean it was all over because there are no more calculations after 12/21/2012? Are scientists really more in tune with doomsday prophecies than the Mayans? Or, were future Mayan calculations and calendars lost during the invasions and destruction of the ancient Mayan culture?

We know the Mayans really wanted us to be aware of this spectacular date. The ancient Mayans actually named 12/21/2012 the “Sacred Tree.” If we look into the specifics of that date astrologically we learn that on 12/21/2012 the earth is in perfect alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy and this event only happens every 26,000 years or so. But note, we’ve already had several such alignments in our planetary history, and we’re still here!

Now, the Mayans called 12/21/2012 “the Sacred Tree.” Calling this day a sacred tree does not sound like a catastrophic end to our earth. What archeologists feel the Mayans meant by the term sacred tree that day is a sacred “gateway” or sacred “doorway.”

12/21/2012 Catastrophic doomsday, or sacred doorway? What did the Mayans really want to tell us about this important date? As we approach that day, the questions and predictions will continue to increase.

And, most importantly, if we can remember, the ancient Mayans were certainly thinking of us today as they poured over their brilliant mathematical and planetary calculations They wanted us to know something important would be affecting all of us worldwide. Was their ultimate message lost to us, or did the Mayans leave it up to us to make “the sacred tree day” doomsday or sacred doorway?

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