Get Sweet on God: Define a Daily Devotional Practice

Make the Time and Space to Let God In

Our lives are enriched by spiritual practice. Yet many of us don’t have a place of worship where we feel at home. And those of us who do may find that once a week just isn’t enough for a “God fix.” Some of us want more. If you’re one of these people, you’re a great candidate for creating a personal daily devotional practice.

There are many ways to create a daily practice that will serve you. The most important things to remember are:

1. It’s important that your daily practice feels inviting. If you don’t love doing it, you just won’t do it.

2. There’s no right or wrong way to practice your devotions, only your way or not your way. You may gain inspiration from the practices of others, and even model your devotions on theirs. However, over time, you will make your practice more and more your own. And this is as it should be.

3. Your daily practice does not need to be the same from day to day.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” The only consistency needed is the mindful kind that keeps your practice clear and your heart singing.

4. Stick with it. Even love affairs don’t run on their own juice all the time. Sometimes you need to continue working out the kinks as you go, and sometimes it feels like a lot of work, and sometimes you may just want to give up loving. But remember that the love does return, and you will be inspired and enlightened by it in the long run.

Your daily devotions are a sacred undertaking that will allow you to offer yourself fully to the God or Gods you serve. This is a gift that gives to you, and will give through you as well. There is no better way to create a passionate and actualized connection with the power of All That Is.

Lasara Firefox Allen is an author, educator, activist, and coach. Lasara’s first book, the bestselling Sexy Witch (Llewellyn Worldwide), was published in 2005 under the name LaSara FireFox.

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  1. misskrystal

    this is just lovely. thanks, lasara. your articles are so moving and inspirational. please give us more.
    much appreciated. miss krystal


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