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Ask Your Spirit Guide

Wonderful! I'm so glad you decided to add this column. I have a question I would like to ask my spirit guides. How or when will my own "awakening" occur? I so want to be in service of the light and ... read more
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Your Spiritual Compatibility

Your partner makes you laugh. You both enjoy the same sorts of activities. And best of all, you're amazingly physically attracted to each other. Sounds like a perfect match, right? Well, sort of read more
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Ask Your Spirit Guide

How many spirit guides do I have and what are their name(s)? I'd like to ask them these questions: 1) Am I on the right path? 2) How come I'm always so irritable? and 3) What can I do (aside from ... read more

Religious Dreams

Religious dreams can mean different things to different people. Dreaming of a cross if you're Christian or the Torah if you're Jewish may seem like an obvious message about your spiritual life. Still, some ... read more

What Lies Beneath

Underneath the "reality" that your senses have been trained to focus on since birth, there is more. Whether you call it energy, resonance, God, love, intelligence or pea soup, there is undoubtedly a shared ... read more

Spiritual Awakenings

What is a spiritual awakening? Some call it an epiphany, a mystical or religious experience. Others describe it as an altered state of consciousnesses, an "a-ha" moment or a flash of enlightenment. But one ... read more
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