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Karla in Las Vegas writes:

How many spirit guides do I have and what are their name(s)? I’d like to ask them these questions: 1) Am I on the right path? 2) How come I’m always so irritable? and 3) What can I do (aside from meditating) to really know my spirit guides are present?

Dear Karla,

Actually, you have several spirit guides, but only the two main ones stepped forward to talk. I’m told the others are “special project” guides. Your first guide is named Ezra, an older man with glasses perched on the end of his nose, who is dressed in the manner of a United States founding father. He says he is an expert on the metaphysics that inspired and guided Washington, Jefferson and Franklin, among others.

Your other guide is a Native American woman dressed in traditional garb, named Summer. She has your answers, and she used the Hopi Medicine Wheel as a way to explain them. Her basic answer is that you’re not quite on the right path at the moment, and that’s the main reason you’re irritable most of the time.

The frustrations and complications you experience happen mostly because the approach you’ve learned doesn’t suit who you really are. She says you are headed East and for now you should adjust your course to go East-Southeast. There’s a lot of information in that answer, but basically it means you’re too much in your head and you need to broaden your understanding of how spiritual energy works to open understanding and clear obstacles.

Your guides agree that the best way to build a relationship with them is first to get to know the symbols they use, the Medicine Wheel and the Masonic metaphysics of Benjamin Franklin and the others. For example, if you learn what the directions of the Medicine Wheel mean, and what plants and animals are allied with each direction, then Summer can send messengers to you that you can learn to interpret. You can also understand the answer regarding your path in more depth.

The rest is work and practice, because they also want you to learn to recognize their energy signatures. Ask questions, and keep a journal of messages, your sense of their meaning, and how the energy felt. That way you should develop a very workable communication style for the three of you.

Have fun on this adventure!

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  1. Secoya

    What are my spirit guide names? Why didn’t Rodolph and I work out ? What am I on earth to learn? Who is keeping tabs on my every move? Do Rodolph love me & want to be with me?


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