Spiritual Awakenings

What is a spiritual awakening? Some call it an epiphany, a mystical or religious experience. Others describe it as an altered state of consciousnesses, an “a-ha” moment or a flash of enlightenment. But one thing our psychics agree on, is that if you’ve had one, it’s a happening you will never forget.

In most cases, people experience a spiritual awakening out of the blue. It can open you up to your spiritual lessons or a more sacred path, by leaving you with a feeling of oneness with the universe. It often stirs up a special kind of happiness that’s always described as euphoric.

“You can’t miss a spiritual epiphany. It changes your soul. You feel more energy running through you and a tingling as if you’re high, a warming of the heart and euphoria that you’ll never forget,” Angel ext. 9266 adds.

These experiences of great enlightenment are different for everyone. They can be difficult to describe or believe whether or not people are open to the gift of insight from the universe. “These shifts in spiritual awareness are usually a very happy moment in time, but not always. Sometimes it frightens people if they don’t understand what is happening,” reports Tammy ext. 9380 who claims you can even feel tingling, floating, see lights or visions.

The experience can vary from person to person, but our usual perceptions are greatly changed by the spiritual awakening. Sometimes people remain in this state of heightened understanding for days, weeks, or months, before they come down from this spiritual high, our psychics report.

Joyce ext. 9598, who says that her psychic clients who have discussed their own illuminating epiphanies with her agree that they are difficult to describe because they are experiential rather than intellectual. The true essence of an “a-ha” moment seems to get lost in the translation. “So, know that my own description of my personal epiphany doesn’t do it justice,” she notes. “I was just driving along one day and all of a sudden there were showers of colors everywhere. I felt at total peace in that moment and was filled with love and joy. Tears streamed down my awestruck smiling face.”

Clairvoyant Tammy has had several awakening experiences. “I was outside one summer night and upon asking the universe for some answers about an issue that was tearing me apart, I suddenly became one with the sky. It was as if I could reach up and touch the stars. I got this overwhelming feeling that I was okay. And then I was okay in my okay-ness… I began to laugh and cry. I understood that life is so much bigger than the stuff I was worried about. It’s hard to explain but the feeling lasted for weeks. I saw everything differently and I felt amazing,” she describes.

Angel, who’s near death experience brought on her first unforgettable awakening tells, “Afterwards I felt like I had to be the best, most understanding, patient and non-judgmental person… and I still can’t curse!” she adds.

We can all have a spiritual awakening and more than once, as they are a growth process for many. And they can also be pursued by following a spiritual path of studying, meditating or energy balancing, for example. Many of our psychics say that they can tell if a person is about to experience an epiphany in a reading.

Joyce suggests that astrologically the planet Neptune and the 12th house are often associated with spiritual awakenings. “If there’s a lot of activity in one’s 12th house or Neptune is transiting the 3rd house of the mind and intellect, these types of things can easily happen.”

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