What Lies Beneath

Underneath the “reality” that your senses have been trained to focus on since birth, there is more. Whether you call it energy, resonance, God, love, intelligence or pea soup, there is undoubtedly a shared essence which exists in the subatomic world, even in the vacuum of space, which links everything – pigeons, rocks, chairs, Jupiter’s storms and distant supernova remnants. Everything!

We are all one. Mystics and shamans have known it for thousands of years. Quantum physicists speculate that it’s the only theory which explains the quirky, interactive dynamics of matter and energy discovered in the strange world which exists at the infinitesimally small atomic and sub-atomic level.

This means that all you believe, experience, say and do causes ripples everywhere in the universe. In other words, how you choose to perceive your world and interact with it affects vastly more than your personal or individual experience.

Daily dose
Hard to believe? You frequently run into evidence of this interconnectedness in your daily life, when you’re reminded that feelings and actions can have unexpected and far-reaching consequences. However, a reality as mysterious as actual oneness doesn’t mean much unless you have a direct experience of it. The good news is that it doesn’t require being born with a saintly, mystical disposition, or years of yogic discipline and self-denial, or even a Ph.D. in quantum physics to experience your oneness with all that is. It only requires the desire to experience it, some skill in clearing your mind and being of everyday clatter, and perhaps a little work on fine tuning your awareness and sensitivities.

The door to oneness
You may already have a regular practice which clears your mind and brings you to an open, receptive place, like meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, prayer, or nature walks. Being in sacred places such as a church or a labyrinth, visiting an art exhibit, listening to a classical concert, seeing a gorgeous sunset or a mountain view, any experience which moves you and lifts you out of the ordinary will put you in a state which makes experiencing oneness easy.

Fine tuning your senses just takes practice. Since using your imagination activates the part of your brain which can experience realms beyond ordinary reality, you can use your imagination to open the door to the experience of oneness. Sit in a quiet room with a favorite plant or crystal or other object in your hands. With your eyes open, use each of your senses, one by one, to experience what you’re holding – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.

Sensory scan
Then close your eyes and imagine moving inside what you’re holding. Make it fun and light – don’t take this too seriously, because that will dampen your imagination’s power. What does it look like in there? Sound like? Smell like? And so on until you add a sixth sense by imagining what the energy in there feels like as well. If this last one gives you trouble, just keep fine tuning your “scan,” much like moving the needle on an old-fashioned radio dial, till you feel the shift space After you’ve had fun with this for awhile, you can expand to experience a favorite place in the same way. A place outdoors, where you won’t be interrupted, is great for this experiment – the beach, a wooded glade, a field of flowers, next to a creek

You’ll probably first realize your oneness through the sense that gives you the greatest pleasure, whether it’s sight, sound, smell, taste or touch. Likely you’ll begin to hear the life force of a plant, or realize that the air that separates you from nearby objects is not empty air, but is full of a resonance that you can both hear and feel. The experience can present itself in many ways, but you’ll recognize it when it happens by the extraordinary lift and expansion of your feelings, an experience which most people call joy.

Discovering that you are one with everything changes what you believe, how you experience the world, and how you respond to what happens to you. It can endow you with compassion and a desire to do the right thing at all times. You treat your neighbor and your world as yourself because you are your neighbor… and everything in your world.

Keeping your awareness of this oneness alive by experiencing it regularly will deepen and enrich your life and infuse you with a daily experience of joy that you can scarcely imagine now.

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