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Tina writes:


Wonderful! I’m so glad you decided to add this column. I have a question I would like to ask my spirit guides. How or when will my own “awakening” occur? I so want to be in service of the light and need guidance as to how is the best way for me to get there.


Dear Tina,

Your guides tell me that your awakening began long ago, and continues every moment of your life. They asked me to tell you, “Awakening is rarely an event, but is usually a journey rather than a destination or arrival point. With every kind word and compassionate hearing you are in service to the light, and you have many opportunities ahead of you to choose specific tasks and paths which particularly appeal to you and suit your gifts. But remember, your opportunities for meaningful and significant service occur in every moment.”

They then gave me a lovely image, which they suggest you use as a regular meditation. It does, as symbolic images do, contain a great deal of information – layers and layers of it – and by visiting the image frequently you will be able to mine all the precious elements for your use. By the way, the image is holographic, and they suggest that when you meditate you come in to it from different directions, including from outside yourself, as well as down and up, because there are surprising elements which they will introduce to guide and teach you. Take note of what approaches you and what happens, and then see how it relates to events in your life. And you can use it as a way to develop clear communication with your guides! Use your imagination and play…

Here’s the image: you are rising in a lovely turquoise sea (as you know, the sea represents the unconscious, and also symbolizes the source of all life). You are ascending slowly from the dark depths to the light at the surface, and you rise gently through beams of light that shoot down from the surface. You are in no hurry, because you are so immersed in the beauty that surrounds you, and the experience of being an integral part of the boundless ocean is perfect, and enough. With your hair floating around you, you raise your face to the light and let yourself remain perfectly relaxed, because you know that your natural buoyancy will take you to the surface at exactly the right pace.

Your guides tell me that “as long as you follow your heart, and your intuition, you will move steadily toward your dream of complete awakening, sharing blessings and healing with others as you go.”

Enjoy your journey!

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