Religious Dreams

Religious dreams can mean different things to different people. Dreaming of a cross if you’re Christian or the Torah if you’re Jewish may seem like an obvious message about your spiritual life. And it’s true – these kinds of symbols can reveal the state of your spirituality, whatever that means for you. Still, some of the messages from religious dreams may surprise you.

Think about the word “religion.” What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Religion is a concept that can have positive or negative connotations depending on your experience. If your beliefs are a valuable source of support for you, and you’re in touch with your spiritual life, then dreams that contain religious symbols will usually be a source of encouragement and strength.

If, on the other hand, your parents told you the Devil eats misbehaving girls and boys, then religious dreams will reveal emotional issues, like a fear of being powerless or of taking a wrong step. These dreams may have a dark setting or contain some tweaked religious elements.

Kerry’s dream
This dream fell into the tweaked category because of one outrageous dream character. She writes: I had a dream recently where I was talking to a “wise man” dressed in plain, everyday clothes (a blue polo shirt and jeans). We were in a white-ish room and I was next to a large globe of the earth. The wise man tried to inform me that my parents weren’t who I thought they were, that I was actually an extraterrestrial. I argued that, of course, it was a possibility that we all might have come from another planet at some point. He said he meant I was literally born of a Pleiadian couple in this life. Immediately after that sunk in, I fainted and fell to the floor. Somehow after fainting, I saw a sequence of letters (almost as if on a screen appearing out of thin air) marking some sort of passage of time. The letter “Y” was the most prominent one. Then I was lead out of the room, but don’t recall anything after that. I might have considered this dream a spiritual one, except for the fact that the “wise man” kept rubbing his genitals on me while he was trying to explain my ancestry. It was rather uncomfortable and I tried to squirm away.

Kerry’s dream brings up an important point. The feeling you have in a dream can be the key to its message. For Kerry, it was discomfort. Her dream brings to mind the ’60s motto, “Question authority!” The dream was reminding her that people who seem to be “spiritual” might have no wisdom or integrity at all. The everyday clothes the “wise man” was wearing revealed he’s an everyday guy posing as a spiritual authority. As a symbol, he may represent the misguided spiritual figures Kerry has encountered, or he may be a misguided part of Kerry that feels alienated (as a Pleiadian, no less) from the rest of the world. The focus on the letter “Y” was intriguing. It may symbolize a split path she’s struggling with, or it might be urging her to ask “why” when someone tells her a supposed truth. In any case, Kerry has some childhood beliefs she needs to reexamine.

Sandra’s dream
In contrast with Kerry’s false guru, Sandra had a dream that featured a wise man who seemed more genuine. She didn’t say how she felt about the dream, but it contained some positive elements that suggest she’s considering a positive choice in her spiritual life. She writes:

I had a dream once that I was standing in front of a big lake with clear water. There were crystal and diamond rocks underneath the water. I saw a man seated slightly across from me. He had a long white gown and long white beard, and he was looking right at me. He was calling me to cross over the water.

The clear water symbolizes Sandra’s emotional and spiritual clarity, from which she can make a positive shift in her life. The gemstones emphasize the value of this clarity. The wise man’s white garments and hair indicate the purity of the dream’s message. Crossing over the water is a lovely metaphor that depicts a change of consciousness that will enable Sandra to deepen her spiritual life. All told, the dream offered an encouraging message about Sandra’s spiritual progress.

Whether you dream of an angel, a synagogue, the Qur’an, a cross, or Moses and his Ark, take note of how the symbols are portrayed in the dream, as well as your feelings when you awaken. Positive elements usually indicate you’re in good shape spiritually, while negative ones reveal you need to work on inner blocks that keep you from growing.

That’s the gift of religious dreams – they offer a spiritual progress report that can guide you toward the spiritual path that’s right for you.

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