State of Your Love

Have you looked into the state of your love union, lately? Whether you were married three years ago, or 30, every partnership needs a quick check-up, now and then. Is it suffering from wear and tear, ... read more
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Be Joyful in Love

Whether you've just started dating or you've been together for years, one thing is probably true - as a couple, you and your partner could always be a little closer. After all, intimacy - of the true ... read more

Tantra and You

In our results-oriented Western world, we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses as the old saying goes. And, unfortunately our impatience with the world has even seeped into the bedroom. ... read more
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The Kama Sutra’s Magic

While the Kama Sutra is generally linked to sex, many of its elements can be applied to simply connecting male and female energy in and out of the bedroom. After all, the "Kama" for whom this Sutra (which ... read more
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Better Sex in 60 Seconds

You're overworked, stressed out, exhausted and for a variety of reasons (above and beyond those three), your sex life is sagging. So, what can you do without exhausting yourself even more to bring the va ... read more
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Just Say Yes to Sex!

You're exhausted. You've been working overtime, taking care of your family and pets for days, all the while listening to your friend who just got dumped (sob!) over the phone on what feels like a loop. ... read more
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