Spiritual Vacations by Element

When you and your lover plan a vacation this year, think spiritual! It’s just as easy to map out a transcendental getaway as it is to make ordinary travel plans. Plus, a spiritual journey is guaranteed to soothe your souls and maximize intimacy.

Consider an itinerary that includes a pilgrimage to your lover’s homeland (or land of religious origin). Think how it will raise your consciousness as a couple! Or you can choose a destination because it’s a healthy property – a place where you can rest and cleanse your spirits – one that excites your senses.

What about a place of absolute wonder to enliven your minds? You can resolve to make a new commitment to help this world become a better place together, by taking a great departure from your usual vacation destination to work with the land or the people in a place of need.

Check out our spiritual travel ideas, determined by astrological element. These destinations are designed to appeal to your most elemental senses and inspire your wanderlust as a couple.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are drawn to the mystic and off the beaten path treks to far off places that offer adventure and enlightenment. Say, Tibet, Nepal or the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Leave a little room to roam and stray away from your itinerary, as these free-spirited travelers, no matter what their destination, love to impulsively go in search of inspiration and all varieties of soul-stirring fun. Before you head home from any travels with your Fire sign, take time for a peaceful rest stop to revive their easily burned-out senses. Consider a hotel with a stress-relieving spa where you can get a side-by-side massage, or a stop at the Love hotels of Tokyo (no matter how quick), to revive this happy wanderer, and you, too!

Before you leave, enhance the magic of your final destination with your Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn lover, by allowing them to take part in the details of the trip you’ve planned. Being in on the scheduling allows them to relax and unlock their inner spirit in preparation for a wondrous tour of great natural beauty. Consider a visit to the pyramids and temples of ancient Egypt or a cruise down the river Nile in Africa. How about a visit to Alaska’s wilderness that includes a helicopter landing on a humbling glacier, or an inspiring walk around the legendary spiritual Ayers Rock in Central Australia? Your intelligent, grounded Earth sign will love it! Whether a travel day ends in a lounge chair in the great outdoors or a café in a beautiful historical city like Paris or Rome, a drink and conversation that challenges the intellect about the day’s sites and events, are a necessary Earth sign prelude to further enchantments.

Soul searching in India, a visit to the Vatican, a pilgrimage to the miracles of Lourdes, or to the homeland of your lover’s ancestors are examples of the pure mental and cultural experience that brings Gemini, Libra and Aquarius back to their center. Take them to a place where they can immerse themselves into their environment, then hire a tour guide so they can leave without any questions left unanswered. Mindful adventures like yoga retreats, eco tours or a wine country excursion that combines nature and nurture, (or a cooking vacation where they can taste and learn about their favorite cuisine from nothing less than an expert) will keep you sharing memories for years to come. Plan social evenings for these signs, to help bring on the most sensual of nights.

Travel that truly allows your Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces to go with the flow, can bring about a metaphysical experience for Water signs on a spiritual holiday. They aren’t particular about what they see, or where they stay, it’s more about being close to water, finding sanctuary away from their everyday stresses and finding enrichment (or giving of themselves for a charitable cause). Give your Water baby an open ticket to stay or go as they please – just knowing that they can be true to themselves and their desires while they’re on hiatus from their real world will give them (and you!) great pleasure. Take them sailing by day with music and drinks on the beach by night, snorkeling in Florida’s Keys, or lounging on a sizzling beach in Southern Italy. If their pleasure comes from giving, dig down into your own soul and volunteer with them to teach English to orphans in foreign lands, save penguins in South Africa or help rebuild New Orleans.

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