Just Say Yes to Sex!

You’re exhausted. You’ve been working overtime, taking care of your family and pets for days, all the while listening to your friend who just got dumped (sob!) over the phone on what feels like a loop. You’re bending over backwards to please everyone in your life and meanwhile, you’re barely managing to survive, never mind to thrive. But low and behold, when you get home, beaten and bedraggled, your mate wants to get it on.

You can’t believe it. You look at them, irritated at their inconsideration and think to yourself, seriously? Well, odds are, they’re serious. And even though it’s the last thing in the world you feel like doing, consider this: maybe you shouldn’t let that stop you. Sex has benefits that can go a long way to easing your stress – and strengthening your relationship.

The physical
Research shows that having sex three times a week for a year burns the same amount of calories as running three marathons. If you’re the world’s busiest person, a marathon may not be in the cards (yet), but there’s no reason you can’t find a half hour a few times a week to exorcise your demons with a little erotic exercise (and burn about 200 calories in the process)! Plus, in addition to all the benefits of running, biking, swimming, etc., sex releases hormones like oxytocin (which promotes affectionate feelings and bonding) and testosterone (which strengthens your muscles and benefits your immune system). It reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers mortality rates and actually offers pain relief for everything from migraines to arthritis to PMS. Believe it or not, oral sex even strengthens your teeth (thanks to the minerals in bodily fluids)! In short, getting it on is really good for you. Try it, your body will thank you!

The mental
Not only does frequent sex improve your memory (seriously), it helps you sleep better. It reduces depression (especially in women) and calms you down – which can be invaluable after a high-octane day. It lowers feelings of insecurity (fear you can’t compete) and decreases irritability (tough boss anyone?). Basically, sex is a stressed out person’s dream cure. It not only eases your tension and allows you to rest better, but it also builds up your self-esteem and provides mental clarity. All of the things you need when you’re burning the candle at both ends. So… what are you waiting for?

The spiritual
Intimacy is the glue that holds a relationship together. And sex is a key part of that. There is no other way to bond with your partner quite like becoming one with them. It’s natural, healthy, in some cases spiritual and always one surefire way to help safeguard your relationship. So, while you might not feel like going there at first, ask your partner to take the time (or technique) to help you get there. After all, like many other things in life, practice makes perfect. But unlike training for a marathon or sharpening your trade skills, when it comes to doing the deed, the practice might just be the best part!

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