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Cosmic Wine

Planetary alignment affects all the aspects of our lives, so why wouldn't it affect wine? According to some revolutionary winemakers, it does! That's the reasoning behind biodynamic winemaking. Based ... read more

Houses in Your Dreams

Dreams about houses, schools, churches and other structures can offer enlightening clues about your love life, sexuality, career, health and other areas of your life. Just as important is the condition of ... read more

Be Happy, Be Healthy!

People may say, "It's all in your head!" but science is proving that when it comes to your body, the mind does have a significant impact on your health. In fact, the author of Skin Deep: A Mind/Body ... read more

Mind-Body Connection

Many decades ago, we believed that the mind and the body were separate entities. It's no surprise that today we know better. The lines between spirituality and science are finally blurring, and scientists ... read more

A Healthy Holiday

From excessive celebration to sleep deprivation, the holidays can take their toll on your body. But you don't have to be resigned to starting the New Year with a winter cold and five extra pounds. Follow ... read more
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