Red Responds: Needs to Move Sooner Rather Than Later

Barbara in Longview writes:

I’m kind of stuck. I live alone with my four little dogs, have no family, only distant friends and am widowed. I’m disabled but function well enough physically. I had to mortgage my home last year in order to repair it but it’s too big for me and I’d like to own outright again. I am very interested in alternative building and intentional communities but can’t seem to connect with anyone who might help me and my romantic interests just seem to fizzle.

I’ve been researching other areas of the country online and have seriously been considering selling this place to buy a motor home and search for land to start my own small community, but am unsure of the wisdom of doing so. Do you see this being feasible for me? I’m 55 and need to make a move sooner than later I think. Would like to do this to help show others that it can be done, and before the economy totally tanks! Thanks for any insight you can give me.

Dear Barbara,

While I agree that your house may be a bit more home and responsibility than you really want to contend with, I don’t see you cashing it in for a motor home. The reality of living on the road for six months to a year is a bit more challenging than you have really thought through, but it would be an adventure you could handle. I just don’t see you as ready to make that big of a life transition within the coming year.

Your plan of starting a community is a good one, and one you could turn into a reality, but not quickly. There is a lot of research and planning involved, including connecting with the right people and partners to make it happen. It will be a group venture rather than a singular mission. Do some research and networking through the Internet, and you will start to bond with people who have similar desires. When you are a group of five, (and that isn’t counting your dogs) this venture will begin to get off the ground.

If you are serious about downsizing, selling your home is a good option. However, I don’t see you immediately purchasing another house. Instead, I see you renting a smaller cottage that will allow your pets, and cut your costs and maintenance obligations. This is in part how you will fund your percentage of the community. Incidentally, Arizona keeps popping up as to where you will set stakes and establish a fairly “off the grid” little town.

Unfortunately, your love life seems to be in a rut for the next couple of years. While there will be some minor connections and light dating, I’m not seeing a flourishing relationship developing any time soon. Your eventual partner is a bit eclectic, but very earthy and charming. He either designs or builds windmills, and you and your partners will connect with him for his expertise when you are developing your community.

Even though there are no quick solutions or fast changes coming your way, the changes you will create are for the better. Health, wealth and love are major aspects of your future – you just have to make the best of the present until you get there.

Good luck!
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