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Sexual Soulmates

Ah, chemistry. There is very little in this world as intense - or wonderful - as mind-blowing sex. When you physically connect with someone so deeply that it feels like getting into bed (or wherever), it's ... read more

Look in The Mirror

Attractiveness isn't always about being the most physically beautiful person in the room. The way you feel and how comfortable others feel in your presence has more impact on your attractiveness level than ... read more

Your Natural Sexiness

The secret to a new and improved sex life - believe it or not, is within you! And while we all know being sexy does have some external factors involved - namely your appearance - tapping into your natural ... read more
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Bust a First Move!

Whether you're looking for a relationship or a one night stand, you're not going to get anywhere if you don't make a move! This can seem daunting - especially if you're an old fashioned kind of romantic ... read more

The Science of Flirting

Flirting is the most natural and baffling process of human interaction. It may seem like an art, but it's a real science - research on flirting shows that long-lasting couples can actually have an ... read more
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