Sexy Spring

Ah, Spring… that special time of year when lilacs blossom, weather warms and libidos soar. It’s no wonder that everybody feels a little, ahem, saucy! After months of winter grays, the vibrant signs of life popping up all around are bound to get your blood flowing – especially to your sexy parts!

The question is what are you going to do with all this exuberance? If you’re having trouble turning this fire surge to heat between the sheets, take these tips for spicing up your sex life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single and loving it, starting over after a split or just breaking a dry spell with your long-term mate, there’s never been a hotter time to harness sensual energy.

After all, they don’t call it Spring Fever for nothing. Now try these five reminders for putting some sass into your sex life.

1. Shower thee
It doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you’re a man or a woman, warmer weather means less clothing. So, if you want to feel your sexiest – and attract your hottest playdate (or bedmate even if you’re married to them), now’s the time to give your body a little extra TLC. Not only will the sensuous nature of treating yourself sumptuously rev up your engines (potentially initiating some alone time for practice), it’ll make you softer to the touch (and all the sweeter to taste)! Better still is to trade favors with your special someone. A scrub down and moisturizing oil massage a deux will tear up your sheets while it smoothes out your skin.

2. Adorn thy body beautiful
Now that you’re skin-sational and ready to show it off, treat yourself to a new item of clothing that accentuates your best body part, a new haircut, makeup style or facial hair look. The change doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to make you feel confident and capable of seduction. Too shy to imagine yourself with that much power? Then just pick something that complements your assets and makes you feel good (giving yourself a regular manicure comes to mind). Wondering how this will impact your sex life? Knowing you look good gives you an air of attractiveness that is sure to attract attention. You may be surprised to see just how much a few compliments or glimpses your way can impact your mojo and translate to cashing in on it more often.

3. Go to bed in the buff
Single or sleeping side by side, take advantage of the warmer temperatures and sleep sans pajamas (or anything else). The feel of your own skin on the sheets is sure to spark your imagination… and if it’s face to face, leg to leg, belly to belly with someone else, even better. Casual touching is sure to progress when there’s nothing coming between you – nevermind the simple but serious thrill of seeing each other naked.

4. Embrace the light
Longer days mean extended daylight. Instead of heading home straight after work, meet your friends (or a significant other of any variety) out for a drink before dusk at a place with an outdoor area. Odds are, if you’re not meeting someone for a pre-coital cocktail, there will be someone to make eyes with. Sometimes, a few harmless flirtations are just what we need to take it up a notch when a potential paramour comes along! Being back in the sex game starts with feeling like you’re putting yourself out there, even though not every person that comes along will be the right one.

5. Born again
Finally, if you want to give yourself over to reckless abandon and have the sexiest spring of your life, it’s time to let go of your inhibitions, old attachments and judgments on yourself. You don’t have to be a supermodel to be sexy. And the sooner you can acknowledge that and get present in your skin, the sooner you’ll be skin on skin with someone else! Same goes for saying goodbye to lovers past. If you’re clinging onto the one that got away, it’s going to be a lot harder to hold onto someone else – whether it’s for a night or for life!

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