Are You Intriguing?

Intrigue . . . it’s that mysterious factor that leaves people wanting more. At once charming and slightly mystifying, the people we find the most intriguing often capture our imaginations – and hearts. But how intriguing are you?

Take this quick quiz and find out!

1. When you see someone across the room who sparks your interest, you…

a. Glance their way. But just once (0)
b. Stare a bit and maybe beckon them your way (4)
c. Smile and say hello (6)
d. Walk up and tell them what you were thinking… all of it (10)

    2. A first date usually includes…

    a. Your entire life story (10)
    b. A few tidbits about interest du jour, some questions about your date (4)
    c. Details about your job, goals, etc., but also info about your date (6)
    d. Not much about you (0)

      3. True or False: Looking back on it, your relationships have usually revolved around you, which is often why they’ve ended.

      a. True (10)
      b. False (4)
      c. It’s a mix (6)
      d. I’m not sure (0)

        4. When you want to tease your date or mate you…

        a. Send an email that hints at what you’d like to do to them later (6)
        b. Why tease? I just get to the point (10)
        c. Smile slyly across the dinner table, maybe graze a hand underneath it (4)
        d. I’m too self-conscious for those sorts of things (0)

          5. When something exciting happens in your life you…

          a. Share it, in detail, in a group email to all your friends (0)
          b. Call a few choice people and spill! (6)
          c. Keep it to yourself for the most part (0)
          d. Tell everyone you see (4)


            Chilly… and closed off (0-15 points)
            Being mysterious is one thing, private even is okay. But you keep your cards so close to the chest that you can come off as closed, which is not intriguing – but rather off-putting. Don’t be afraid to share a little bit of yourself with the outside world. Sure, you can choose with whom you share it, but odds are if you’ve landed on a date with someone, they’re at least worth a little of your own backstory, between the questions about theirs.

            Shy but mysterious (16-25 points)
            While you certainly come off as reserved (and potentially on the shy side, depending on your delivery), you give enough detail to evoke a sense of intrigue in those whose interest you initially pique. You could consider giving just a bit more to entice those you desire, but no change is necessary. Just be sure not to clam up – you don’t want to give the impression of being cold.

            Seductive yet appropriately elusive (26-40)
            You’ve got the art of personal mystery down to a science – complete with dangling appropriate carrots and doling out clues. The catch is, you’re not actively doing any of that. You’re simply intriguing! Be wary of offering up too much information, lest you seem obvious, but on the whole, consider yourself blessed. Few and far between are the naturally alluring – but there’s no doubt that you can count yourself among them.

            Over the top… maybe obvious (41+ points)]
            There’s a lot to be said for holding back a bit, and you’d be well-served to do so – because it seems that often you offer up too much information, thereby erasing any air of mystery or enchantment you could give off with just a bit of effort. It’s not that what you have to say isn’t interesting, it’s that everything you have to say won’t be – if you’re saying everything that ever comes to mind. Practice sharing details only with those to whom you feel closest, and asking questions about them in return. You may be surprised at how intriguing you will soon become!

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