Look in The Mirror

Attractiveness isn’t always about being the most physically beautiful person in the room. The way you feel and how comfortable others feel in your presence has more impact on your attractiveness level than the size of your nose or shape of your body.

We’re all different, and diversity is what keeps us interesting. Live authentically and put your best foot forward to show others what makes you unique. Focusing on your attributes will help you and others put your looks in perspective. Use these tips to let your confidence outshine the aspects of your looks that you’re less enamored with.

All in your head
Having a negative self-perception can impact your quality of life more than actually being unattractive, say German scientists. How we feel about our bodies directly impacts how well we will care for them too, which, of course, impacts how our bodies respond. If the embarrassment of your thunder thighs is keeping you away from the gym, you’ll have to look for a way to change that perception.

Engaging in negative self-talk is the number one enemy of high self-esteem and a culprit we all battle. Try giving your inner critic a break. The next time you catch yourself spinning the same old record of negativity, stop and compliment yourself instead. Focusing on the positive aspects of your body and personality will create more of that in your life and up your attractiveness factor instantly.

All around you
Relationships can have a great impact on how attractive you feel, as well. How we look through our partner’s eyes can alter our view of our self dramatically. So it’s important to surround yourself with people who find you attractive. It’s not necessarily a case of how classically beautiful you are – it’s more about how approachable you are. A solid sense of self, a warm sense of humor, or an interest in someone else is all it takes to engage others and give them an opportunity to see your inner beauty shine.

People are drawn to confidence. Studies have shown that less socially confident people tend to rate themselves as less attractive than their peers would. If you force yourself to socialize and find ways to make others feel wanted, your own insecurities fade away as you receive validation and approval from others.

All about style
Being attractive isn’t necessarily about looks. It’s about how you use what you’ve got. Create a personal style that is authentically you. Play up the features that will minimize flaws that you’d like to hide. Being well put together shows others that you think highly enough of yourself to do the required maintenance.

While fashion is often a way of fitting in, a sense of style is more about finding an up-to-date look that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Take an objective look at your wardrobe and donate anything that makes you feel less than attractive. Look for items that are similar to those that get you compliments, or allow you to walk across a room with confidence. Knowing your style means knowing what makes you feel and look your personal best. You can have style without spending a fortune or being super high maintenance. Finding your style is about finding ways to have your outsides match your insides. Whether you’re a comfortable conservative or trendsetter, embrace that about yourself and don’t be afraid to show it!

Take comfort in the things you find attractive about yourself and let your imperfections fall by the wayside. Focusing on the positive will help you put your looks in the proper perspective and allow you to celebrate yourself as a whole with all the quirks and charisma that make you unique – and truly attractive!

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