What is Remote Viewing?

According to parapsychologists (the researchers of all things psychic) remote viewing allows you to perceive people, places, events and objects without even being there. A remote viewer, it is said, can access a target in the past or present that is located in the next room, across the country, around the world or, theoretically, across the universe. In remote viewing, time and space are meaningless. You simply direct your consciousness.

Remote viewing has been practiced for centuries, often secretly. But more recently the Pentagon and the CIA have experimented with this psychic ability. In early 1990’s the Stargate Project (U.S. Federal Government) was launched with millions of dollars in its research budget in hopes that viewers would be able to see foreign military secrets. But the studies suggested that the results were not consistent enough for military decision making. On the other hand, the police and FBI have often found bodies, accident scenes and located lost humans with the help of remote viewers.

Psychics on remote viewing
Our intuitives who practice the phenomenon each have different ways of seeing, hearing, or connecting with distant places and going’s on… though they all say the ability to practice remote viewing was second nature to them. Our remote viewers do agree that it’s not one of those things that even a professional psychic can always access.

“I see what a caller is asking me to view, like a flash of a video,” Richard ext. 9884 describes. “I just get four or five seconds and then it fades. For some reason it’s easier for me when the moon is waxing, and if a caller has a strong attachment to the person, place or thing, they want me to see.” It takes immense concentration, determines the psychic who often asks callers to visualize their subject so he can get an image of where they are, or what they’re doing.

Intuitive Alexandria ext. 9168 has the ability to get into other people’s head to see what they’re thinking and why. “My body is here, but my mind takes me to different locations. I’m not leaving my physical body – that’s astral projection – my mind moves with my intention,” the psychic explains, being cautious to add that the practice isn’t 100 percent.

As a child, Donna ext. 9448 realized she could find things when she said the words “reach for it!” She would hold out her hand in front of her and go through her room and her home in her head. As a professional reader, her remote viewing target is much clearer when a caller is in distress over losing an object, or in need of finding a person. “As a remote viewer, I can see a current or past event unfolding like a movie in front of me in real time. To see into the future, I use my gift of clear seeing or Clairvoyance,” she differentiates.

Psychic Donna describes that she only sees what callers ask her to see. “For instance, by remote viewing, I could see that one caller who lost his wedding ring was sitting with his left elbow on the arm of the couch. It had fallen right there, between the cushions. He said, ‘Wow!’ and hung up. Another caller had misplaced some legal papers he knew he had hidden. I was able to see into his bedroom, move to a walk in-closet, then I told him to look in a white box… and they were there.”

A visualization instructor, Donna believes that with an open mind, great concentration and trust, even non-psychics can learn remote viewing. She taught her children to use her “reach” method when they were young, as adults they still find the practice to be handy.

Expert opinion
Everyone has the ability to be a remote viewer but it definitely helps if you’re in touch with your own psychic ability, says Russell Targ, an American physicist and the author of Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness (also check out his recent biography Do You See What I See?). Like musical talent, everyone can play an instrument if they want to, but some have a knack for it while others are terrible at it. Practice, however makes, perfect. “The more it is done, the easier it becomes,” says Targ.

Though some psychics can remote view on request (saying they “just do it”), learning the technique on your own can involve getting into a meditative state and venturing to a place on the astral plane where one’s power of visualization is enhanced. Once there, imagine a portal and project the place to be viewed into the portal. At the end of the viewing return to normal consciousness. Take notes and check your accuracy.

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