Weekly Tarot Reading: October 28 – November 3

Weekly Tarot Reading: October 28 - November 3

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This week includes the start of the Celtic Tree month of the Reed Moon, Samhain/Halloween, and All Saint’s Day. We will revisit The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews for this special week. Your weekly tarot reading includes cards with themes and the best ways to deal with those themes.

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Day (#20 – The Great Bear): The Great Bear is the guardian of the forest ways. He holds the power of life and death over those who transgress laws. After death, the initiate is reborn into a place of quiet stillness, peace, and rest. This allows the healing process to finish. The only thing in life that is assured, is that things will change. How you survive that change and who you are after it is up to you. Your weekly tarot reading reminds you to be honest, forgiving, and patient, but most of all, be assured change is at hand.

Evening ( #0 – The Wanderer): The Wanderer represents the courage to let go, and to step into the void of the possible. Something within you may have already begun this unconscious leap across the abyss; you certainly know it’s time to move on. However, fear of loss or failure may make you doubt or hesitate at a critical moment. It’s a time for an end and a new beginning. You have come to a junction or turning point in your life. Your spirit must move on and the desire to leap into the unknown beckons.


Day (Two of Arrows – Injustice): The scales of natural justice have been skewed by false judgments, ignorance or arrogance. The bow is broken and useless through prejudice and misuse. False conclusions and unjust decisions, based on disinformation, and motivated by fear, greed, and prejudice, can certainly cause innumerable problems. The perpetrator of lies and falsehoods will always be judged as an unreliable source, bent on mischief and destructive interference. For the victim of injustice, the best defense of the truth is always more truth, according to your weekly tarot reading.

Evening ( #2 – The Seer): The Seer acts as a guide to the soul and as a catalyst for the manifestation of creative and artistic work. It is she who inspires the emotional link to a book or piece of music or brings a tear to the eye at the end of an emotional film or laughter at a funny story too. The time has come to focus on your power and let it flow through you. Many dreams in relation to the creative process are ready for application in your day-to-day life.


Day (Nine of Stones – Tradition): Reverence for past wisdom and sacrifice. The ability to relate to ancient knowledge and pass on the lessons of ancestral memory and ritual. By studying ancient mystical traditions, we see how closely linked we are with the past, and how little we have changed as a species. We are still driven by the primal needs and fears that faced the first humans. Inviting past traditions to enlighten and enrich your present life draws on ancient strengths that are freely available to those seeking wisdom and sustenance.

Evening (#18 – The Moon on Water): The Moon on Water signifies the first steps beyond earthly awareness and across the primal, emotional void of creation. She also encompasses the dark-moon aspects of fertility, sexuality, and initiation, as well as the irrational fear of the creatures of the night, such as faeries and demons. The Moon on Water heralds a time of inner transformation, initiation or awareness. This may take the form of a seemingly random situation, but your inner voice may have also been whispering to you for some time and gone unheeded.


Day (#12 – The Mirror): This card is usually known as The Hanged Man. As The Hanged Man sees life from another angle, so those who look in the mirror see things reflected as they truly are. Patience and prudence are the keywords here, although trust also plays a large part in the process of crossing to the island where a revealing of insights into our own unconscious workings occurs. In the mirror, a surrender of will is a requirement Therefore, your weekly tarot reading encourages you to go within and hear what your soul has to say.

Evening (#13 – The Journey): The Journey is a metaphor for cyclic change, and it’s a necessary experience. It may mean the death of old ideas or concepts that have certainly outlived their usefulness. It may also be that it’s time to strip the essentials of your nature to the bare bone so you can face and clear your fears and neuroses. Don’t fear change, because this is also a time of purification and realignment. Let the past go and enter this time of withdrawal and renewal with patience and calm too.


Day (#15 – The Guardian): The Guardian stirs irrational fears from the muddy bottom of the human subconscious and fills the timid soul with foreboding. If The Guardian is frightening, it’s because our own reflection frightens us. It’s our own dark shadow we must master. A challenge has arrived in your life. The situation may be very complex, yet you must see it for what it is—an opportunity.

Evening ( #3 – The Green Woman): The Green Woman encompasses the female archetype of wildness and green energy. Her presence balances that of the wild man and represents the earthly manifestation of female solar energy and the rich bounty of the Great Mother too. The Green Woman’s glorious, magnanimous, and generous spirit can certainly live through you, radiated by the sacred breath of life and given to others who need guidance and healing.


Day (Ace of Bows – Spark of Life): As the turning of the cosmic axis generates the spark of life, so the kindling of a flame sparks the necessary light and warmth in our lives. By shaping, directing, and persevering with the tool that both hunts and nurtures fire, we kindle the spark that starts the process of creation and empowerment. This takes skill, effort, commitment, and persistence, but the universe always responds with enlightenment, challenge, and opportunity too. Prepare to learn new skills, adapt to a changing environment, and focus and tune your instincts to the task at hand.

Evening (Queen of Bows – Hare): Hares have had a connection to the spring and sexuality since Celtic times. The Queen is a companion through life, sympathetic and understanding. She leads you to a deeper awareness of what you need to bring to every enterprise. As a person, this card represents someone who has great self-assurance. They could be a friend who is kind and always takes your side.


Day (#4 – The Green Man): The Green Man is a symbol of the flourishing heart of the male aspect of nature. He challenges you to respect and revel in the joys of the natural world. He is also vigilant and stoic in his guardianship of the sacred land. The Green Man is generous in his bestowal of creative, fertile energy. He will certainly move you to a new level of confident and assertive dynamism. Your weekly tarot reading says that now is the time to experience being at the apex of the cycle of life. Enjoy it!

Evening (Ten of Bows – Responsibility): The challenge of dealing with responsibility brings a need for inner fortitude, stamina, and determination. The weight of the burden may be heavy and cumbersome. However, the task given to you is certainly vital for the greater good. It’s time to accept responsibility. Do so with good humor and a stoic resolve and welcome any daunting challenge with humility and enthusiasm. The issues that come from dealing with responsibility are often a matter of self-confidence. You can learn many life lessons once you understand the task and make an effort.

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