Your Weekly Tarot Reading: July 22 – 28

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: July 22 - 28

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This week the Sun moves into Leo and we have the second lunar eclipse happening on Friday. It’s a full moon, known as the Blessing Moon. Speaking of blessings, I would like to extend my thanks to all of you for reading my weekly articles! Please know that I am grateful for you!

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We will return to the Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. They write, “We both have a deep love of the forest and the peace and quiet that can be found there. It offers a place of reflection and sanctuary from the stresses and strains of modern living. The forest is both a metaphor for life and for the unknown.”


Day (Five of Vessels, Ecstasy): The beat of the universal drum beats in the soul. It’s healthy to join the dance. Energy renews by bathing in the cosmic force of ecstasy. Music, meditation, art, love, dancing, or a profound sexual experience can certainly induce the sacred trance of enlightening ecstasy. This powerful and euphoric awareness is natural and a very established aspect of shamanic traditions.

Evening (#9, The Hooded Man): The Hooded Man offers a light and a steady staff on which to lean and gather your mental resources. His lamp illuminates the darkest recesses of fear and incomprehension. It guides the way to the heart of the great tree. He also knows that knowledge is light and is sometimes earned with sacrifice and stoicism. Now is the time to withdraw and rest because this is the beginning of understanding—not just of yourself, but of the universe too.


Day (#6, The Forest Lovers): The Forest Lovers represent both balance in relationships and the sexual union between two polarized individuals. To truly love, we must be truly whole. We must also accept every aspect of our personality as well as this same wholeness in another person. On a personal level, love is a universal gift to the generous heart, and the seeker will find balance through inner harmony and healing. Your weekly tarot reading reminds you to always bring the light of love with you.

Evening (Four of Vessels, Boredom): Lethargy or laziness lock an individual in a cycle of wasted energy. But all around is the source of inspiration waiting there for the taking. The universe responds favorable to a decisive, forward momentum, while boredom leaves a person in a state of inaction. However, if you ask a question of the universe, the universe will answer. It has no choice. That’s because nature will throw enough opportunities onto your path that your head will spin.


Day (#10, The Wheel): The Wheel represents the cycles of eternal law that all living creatures are governed by. Change is inevitable and necessary. And, the very act of asking a question creates a whole new set of possible outcomes. The wheel will bring change in order to restore natural harmony. Whether the change is for better or worse, welcome it and be at peace with it too. Your weekly tarot reading reminds you that all things must pass.

Evening (Queen of Bows, The Hare): Hares have been linked to sexuality, fertility, and potential. A companion through life, sympathetic and understanding, is leading you to a deeper awareness of what you need to succeed. They are a popular and dedicated person who has great self-assurance and outgoing warmth. However, jealousy and rivalry could rear their heads. This could lead to unpredictability. Just offer graceful understanding, helpfulness, courtesy, and understanding too.


Day (Ace of Bows, Spark of Life): As the turning of the cosmic axis generates the spark of life, so the kindling of a flame sparks the necessary light and warmth too. The bow is the human element in our partnership with the environment. By shaping, directing, and persevering with the tool that both hunts and nurtures fire, we spark the process of creation and empowerment. This certainly takes skill, commitment, and persistence, but the universe always responds with enlightenment, challenge, and opportunity.

Evening (#16, The Blasted Oak): Just as the universe has the power to create, it also has the power to destroy. The sudden power of natural catastrophe and disaster is almost unimaginable. While we wrap ourselves in the trappings of power and position, in the end, we own nothing. We only borrow for the time we are here. All we truly have is what we have learned. What appears to be a random dissolution or destruction of your beliefs and relationships is actually timely and natural. Therefore, be patient and learn from the process of loss, according to your weekly tarot reading.


Day (#15, The Guardian): Over the centuries, there has been much cynical manipulation of the concept of “The Devil”  for political, religious, and doctrinal purposes. However, its’ prime role is one of protection and initiation and it serves as a link to the wilderness. A challenge has arrived in your life and the situation may be very complex. It may even have profound implications for your life and how you deal with the world. It will certainly make you stronger.

Evening (Nine of Arrow, Dedication): The spiritual warrior dedicates their arrows of inspiration by playing the bow as an instrument of summoning. The inner oath helps keep one on a balanced footing by dedicating skills to a greater good. To heed the calling to dedicate one’s life to any skill, spiritual path, or philosophy, it requires sincerity, self-discipline, and hard work. It’s a sacred summoning that also requires time and effort. Therefore, you may dedicate yourself to preserving the environment and be a part of making a difference.

Friday (Lunar Eclipse)

Day (Three of Stones, Creativity): An artist listens to the inner voice and hears the wind song of the universe. The courage, freedom, and skill that allow the artist to mediate this energy must be refined for meaningful achievement. The practical manifestation of creative energy requires a clear and open channel to the inspirational forces and impulses of the universe. And, allowing this energy to flow through you is a rich and rewarding gift in itself, just as releasing your dreams and desires into universal consciousness always brings a response.

Evening (#5, The Ancestor): The Ancestor greets you as you walk up the path that leads to the forest. She is a creature of myth but carries the wand of wisdom and the drum that summons all who can hear to gather and watch the sunrise. This is another beginning. You have made the leap and started a new cycle, so trust your inner voice. Your own inner ancestor is strong, patient, and certainly wise. Your weekly tarot reading encourages you to let them lead you into the forest with new eyes and a joyful heart.


Day (#19, The Sun of Life): The Sun of Life represents the next step into awareness of the universal mind. After the initial movement from the still point of the Moon, the Sun beckons us beyond the earth-lunar relationship to an awareness of concepts on a solar level. We are certainly one with the cosmos! It’s time to let the inner Sun at the core of your being shine for all to see, bringing warmth, light, and harmony to others. By doing so, we connect with the consciousness of the universal mind.

Evening (#7, The Archer): The bow for early mankind served as a tool for survival and for defense. It cannot be underestimated. It’s for this reason that it has also become a spiritual symbol and that the drawing and releasing of an arrow is sometimes seen as a ritualistic practice. The dawn of a new adventure waits for you to string the bow of your imagination and loose the arrows of creativity. This is also a time to be bold and commit to the hunting of new life and a better relationship with the world. Therefore, take a deep breath and be calm. It’s time to let your soul take flight.

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