Mantras for Meditation: July 21 – 27

Mantras for Meditation: July 21 - 27

The Power of Mantras

It’s another wonderful week and new mantras for meditation are here for you to apply and utilize in your life’s journey. These mantras came to me during a walking meditation (Meditation doesn’t have to be a solitary or static experience.) and they’re about vibrant possibilities, opportunities, and the power utilized to create them.

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Bounty Fueled by Kindness

Have you ever wondered what fuels the opportunities that some people receive? This was the question I asked my guides as we walked along the garden paths. The answer came to me in a single word: kindness. Their response was perplexing because, as we all know, there are many people who appear to be undeserving of their good fortune. Kindness is far removed from them and yet they prosper. How could kindness be the key?

That’s when my guides told me that another’s bounty was never mine to judge. Their bounty and power may not have come about by any kindness on their part, but rather the kindness that has been shown to them. Therefore, it was not my place to judge the outcome of whatever they received, but to appreciate that someone offered kindness to them because they cared. Even those who may have inherited their wealth and power or who may not have earned their position in society have had assistance wrought by love and kindness.

By removing myself from a judging position, I opened my heart to a greater appreciation of my life and, consequently, a greater perception of my personal bounty. Great things follow a kind heart and that heart can create even greater things. May this week’s mantras for meditation offer you equally profound wisdom.

July 21
“In letting go of envy, I free my heart so that I may embrace kindness and joy.”

This week begins with a moon preparing its fullness, and your life will be reflecting this energy too. It’s also a day to pay attention to the inner working of your hidden heart. The wonderful writer, Mark Twain said, “Comparison is the death of joy.” To me, this means that when you look at the bounty of others, envy and jealousy can sneak into your heart. Suddenly, there is bitterness that invades every aspect of your life. Even your face begins to show signs of such resentment. In releasing envy and jealousy, however, you are clearing a path in your life that welcomes a benevolent heart.

July 22
“Other people are NOT responsible for my happiness. I alone am in control of my joy.”

The Dalai Lama has said that happiness comes from acquiring something: a new house, a marriage proposal, a deeper connection with someone, etc. However, joy is something that is completely within your reach always. It is not dependent on anything or anyone; joy is a true state of mind and heart. Your mantras for meditation remind you that only you are in control of its course.

July 23
“Today I will look at my life and count my bounties. I have so many blessings!”

Have you ever stopped to consider how many things in your life are RIGHT? How many things are good and comforting to you? Maybe you need glasses, but you can be grateful that you have eyes that see. Perhaps you have a dead-end job that is difficult, yet you have a way to make money and you have the health to do the job. Our bounties depend exclusively on how we perceive them.

July 24
“Today I will do one thing that I did when I was a child that made me happy.”

If you are a regular reader of my mantras for meditation, you know that I’m an advocate for blowing bubbles and flying kites. What delighted you as a child? What did you do again and again when you were small? Whether you liked to color or watch a particular cartoon or movie, remember what brought you simple joy and pursue it. Your mantras for meditation remind you that you are never too old to have a joyous day!

July 25
“This is a day to accomplish the first step toward my dream. It begins today!”

As the moon begins to reveal more of her beauty as fullness approaches, so your unconscious mind is trying to show you what has been hidden by all your day-to-day obligations. Listen in the stillness and put your direction in sight. You know what you want and today is a great day to give that direction some well-deserved fuel.

July 26
“Nothing can be achieved without hope and confidence. Today I will demonstrate both!”

A positive attitude is a key to ALL potential. It has been said that life is made up of 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you see things and what you see will change.”

July 27
“I will celebrate the full moon tonight and rejoice in all that I have done this week.”

Today is a great day to finish up obligations created during the previous days. You have earned your just rewards. Enjoy the fruits of your labors and get ready for a great weekend!

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