Your Weekly Tarot Reading: July 1 – 7

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: July 1 - 7

The Power of Tarot

Your weekly tarot reading returns to Liz Deane’s beautiful book, “The Ultimate Guide to Tarot.” Liz believes that regular tarot practice has many personal benefits, such as increased self-awareness, enhanced creativity, stronger intuition, and psychic ability. So let’s get started and Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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Day (Seven of Swords): Key Meanings: Theft and dishonesty. The common name for this Sword card is, “The Thief.” Traditionally, the message is to protect your belongings and property. In general, we can think of this as a potential transgression, meaning, you may encounter a challenge to your position, an individual invading your space, or a selfish partner who takes too much emotionally or materially. As a result, you’ll need your instincts and wits to discover the truth.

Evening (The Empress [Reversed]): Key Meanings: Abundance, generosity, and creativity. When reversed, The Empress shows financial issues and domestic strife. This may take the form of a controlling and disruptive influence at home. She can also show a creative block in your projects or someone who is needy and takes too much from you. The result of these challenges and demands is stressful.


Day (The Star [Reversed]): Key Meanings: Hope, guidance, inspiration, and creativity. In the reversed position, The Star can show giving up too easily on your projects and experiencing a creative block. You also may be too attached to a fantasy scenario while overlooking the details. After all, starlight is bewitching! Alternatively, you may feel lulled into a false sense of security in a venture that has no foundation and little chance of success. This cards can also mean feeling alone and without support.

Evening (Eight of Swords): Key Meaning: Restriction. This card shows someone feeling trapped. This may be due to a series of bad experiences and poor luck, and you begin to wonder if things can ever improve. The Eight of Swords also reveals problems in careers and the intellectual or mental realm. It shows frustration and, at its most extreme, panic too. Hemmed in and unhappy, you may be finding it impossible to do your work to your satisfaction, due to unreasonable demands or disorganized management.


Day (The Hanged Man [Reversed]): Key Meanings: Waiting, sacrifice, and enlightenment. The Hanged Man reversed can be a sign of rigid thinking and martyrdom. You may need to revise your expectations because what you think you want may not be possible. In the reversed position, this card asks you if you’re hanging on to a fantasy that may make you the victim rather than the victor. Therefore, liberate yourself from a contract or other obligation that cannot offer you what you want.

Evening (The Fool): Key Meanings: Innocence, risk, and beginnings. Upright, The Fool signifies calculated risk. Therefore, it’s never too late to begin anew and follow your heart’s desire. While the journey ahead is not without danger, it’s time to take a leap of faith. The Fool brings an opportunity to start over and feel young again or excited at the prospect of a new way of living. The Fool is an embodiment of your spirit, ready to explore and discover.


Day (Six of Cups): Key Meanings: Harmony, childhood, reconciliation, and old friends. The Six of Cups reveals happy memories and a time to recall childhood with fondness. Your children, if you have them, may help you reconnect with your own childhood, or your ability to give your inner child free reign to play and have fun. This is also a time for the good things coming from the past. They include reunions, reconnecting with an old friend, and more distant family members, or literally going back to your roots. The past returns to help you in the present, as it seeds a new idea or approach, according to your weekly tarot reading.


Day (The Sun [Reversed]): Key Meanings: Success, good health, and a holiday. The Sun is always positive, even when reversed. The only glitch could be a delay to travel plans, but you will enjoy a happy and content period regardless. You will feel comfortable and secure in your home too. Partnerships bloom under The Sun as your relationship grows, and you enjoy every minute together. The Sun shines on your career as you get the acknowledgment you deserve.


Day (The Magician): Key Meanings: Action, creativity, and success. It’s time to take action today so you can communicate and express your ideas and desires. This is the card of the inventor, the traveler, the self-employed, and the entrepreneur, according to your weekly tarot reading. That’s because it beckons you to broaden your horizons. Blessed with a magic wand, you have the ability to transform whatever you choose, and in this way, The Magician is very positive. This card can also show a significant journey.

Evening (The Knight of Swords): Key Meanings: Stress and truth. As an influence, this knight shows that unpredictable, tempestuous times are ahead. This means that you’re in for a roller-coaster drama of highs and lows. This card can also show disputes at work and tension within families or in romantic relationships. While you may not be responsible for the cause of the trouble, what matters now is how you recover from it. Expect the unexpected.


Day (Ace of Cups [Reversed]): Key Meanings: Love, relationships, and beginnings. When reversed, Ace suggests a creative block. There may be a lack of space and time to nurture your relationships and projects, or you may be the one feeling neglected. Conversely, you may be feeling exhausted due to others’ emotional demands. In general, the reversed card reveals insecurity and doubt, and you may not feel you can believe in those people you’d like to trust. Follow your instincts and hold on to your self-belief. Thankfully, this influence will not last.

Evening (Four of Wands [Reversed]): Key Meanings: Freedom, creativity, and domestic happiness. When reversed, this is one of the few minor arcana cards that retains its positive meaning, albeit with minor irritations. The appearance of this card means you don’t get all the time you need to focus on doing what you love ( traveling, creative projects, and socializing, etc.) and you may experience some disruptions to plans. In this position, you might just be feeling invisible and not heard, according to your weekly tarot reading. However, if you are feeling too much like the outsider, consider if your environment is right. It’s likely that it’s them, not you.


Day (Two of Wands): Key Meanings: Plans, partnership, and influence. The Two of Wands shows you making plans and moving forward, so travel arrangements are one meaning of this card. In your work, you are gaining influence and proving your worth. In return, you receive good support and advice. The card can also show new, creative partnerships and the beginning of a new project or enterprise. A new relationship may be on the horizon too, and this card can indicate that the relationship begins at work or through a mutual friendship or leisure interests.

Evening (The Devil): Key Meanings: Enslavement and temptation. Tonight, you may find yourself enslaved to an ideal or relationship that demands too much. What started positively (or even pleasurably) has reversed, and now you’re seeing a situation for what it is. This is a destructive situation, and you may be feeling controlled and under a bad influence. The Devil is a card of greed, temptation, and materialism. Yet to change the situation, you’ll need to think laterally and use a little cunning. The Devil often appears to describe situations that are not worth trying to fix or heal. The message is to simply walk away, to escape in the best way you can, regardless of the temptation to stay.

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