Mantras for Meditation: June 30 – July 6

Mantras for Meditation: June 30 - July 6

The Power of Mantras

Nice to see you here, dear readers! There’s nothing like an upcoming holiday to set the path toward wonderful possibilities. As July opens its doors to us, we are going to explore a full range of potentials for you and those you love, starting with this week’s mantras for meditation.

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This week is going to be full of excitement and new discoveries, and your opportunities are going to be far more expansive than you previously thought. The inspiration behind this week’s mantras for meditations come from the Tao Te Ching. Written by the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tse, near the 4th century BCE, the writings are the true understanding of how to have a happy, fulfilled life. Even the word “tao” translates to “the way.”

My guides took me on a wonderful meditation that revealed many of the truths I have been studying about the Tao. When I asked for them to reveal the things you need to know this week, they guided me through the upcoming days with great wisdom and grace. Now, I want to share these insights with you. May your week be full of joy, happiness, and new adventures too!

June 30
“Today I will embrace my true self and I will know I am worthy of good things!”

This is the closing of the month that brings us summer. The fruits of June are plentiful, and they also provide great insight into the upcoming seasons, according to your mantras for meditation. Never forget that your future is being created by your actions today. The Tao speaks of knowing your true worth and being cautious not to waste your gifts on those who cannot see you for the wonderful person you are.

July 1
“I will cherish this day and I will not allow anyone’s opinions or values to dictate my future.”

What a grand day this is going to be! That’s because it’s the beginning of the month of July and everything is possible, according to your mantras for meditation. We’re now beginning the turn to the last six months of the year and this is the time to look to your heart and see what you’ve been wanting or needing to accomplish this year.

July 2
“My world is centered and focused in my best spiritual direction. I am safe.”

Where do you focus your world? Do you worry more about how others see you and less about how you see yourself? Is the opinion of another person more important in your life than your opinion about your life? This is a day that is perfect for the elevation of your self-esteem! If you encounter anything or anyone trying to push you down, remember who is really in control: YOU! Your mantras for meditation remind you that no one can steal your joy without your permission.

July 3
“Whatever others need from me is going to be met in due time and they are equal in priority to my needs.”

As the big celebrations for the 4th of July are getting underway, you may find that someone is asking you to do more today than you had intended. Be certain to give yourself some time to make your priorities just as important as the obligations that are created in your other relationships too.

July 4
“This is a day to celebrate my personal independence. I am creating my destiny.”

You have a right to have fun and explore the avenues that are continually opening for you. Today will bring many memories to the forefront and it’s important that you remember the power of your choices. All that you have done has brought you to this moment in time. It may not have always been an easy path, but it has been a necessary one.

July 5
“I am letting go of others’ perspectives and seeking my own truth.”

Today could be a day that will challenge your understanding of someone else’s perspectives. In these current times, the truth often becomes sidelined, and there are always three vantage points: yours, theirs, and reality too. Therefore, if something doesn’t make sense to you or doesn’t fit in your world, let it go. Your heart certainly knows the truth and it’s up to you to be brave enough to speak it.

July 6
“The Fates favor the fearless. I am courageous, and I have been gifted with all that I need.”

As another delightful week of summer winds down, you may learn some exciting news regarding romantic energy that is beginning to form around you. There is a wonderful freedom transpiring that allows you to consider different perspectives and possibilities! You may find comfort in the very areas of your life that previously frightened you. Your courage is expanding in many directions and you are certainly the commander of your voyage. Your mantras for meditation say you’re doing great!

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