Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 23 – March 3

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 23 - March 3

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Your weekly tarot reading returns to the Thoth Tarot. Each card will cover love, happiness, and success. This promises to be a pretty good week, and we deserve it after the holidays and the two eclipses we had. There’s also a full moon on Thursday, March 1, but we’ll get to that.

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Day (Six of Swords): Today, allow your intelligence to grow. However, don’t forget where you came from and where you’re going. LOVE: Don’t close yourself off to others. Understand the needs of your fellow humans and make them understand what motivates you. HAPPINESS: Search for the experiences and the motives that lie behind the propositions. Do you understand what others are saying? SUCCESS: Free yourself from your bad habits and try something new.

Evening (Knight of Swords): It’s a wild ride of thoughts, according to your weekly tarot reading. You’re considering radicalism, dedication, and fanatical enthusiasm. LOVE: The Knight represents a very energetic person with courage and the willingness to take risks. Is that you? HAPPINESS: Open your mind and let go of stereotypical ways of thinking too. Tonight you will definitely make quick decisions. SUCCESS: Goals must be consistent, so give all that you have. There’s much to experience and achieve.



Day (Art): This card shows the fireworks of creation and lustful transformations and you are the artist of life. LOVE: You can accomplish new things and recreate yourself. However, it’s important to allow your partner to participate too. HAPPINESS: Great work leads to good fortune. Therefore, create a great work from your life. Include duties, obstacles, successes, and experiments too. This creativity takes you back to your roots. It’s certainly as intimate and personal as love. SUCCESS: Your inventiveness, powers of transformation, and creativity are the keys to success.

Evening (Knight of Cups): You are a loving personality from head to toe. You’re equipped for love and you follow your emotions and desires. LOVE: You have so much love to give and a great love for life as well. HAPPINESS: You have an extraordinary gift for wonderful love stories, spiritual adventures, and fantastic experiences so just enjoy these moments. SUCCESS: Examine what you believe and who you trust. Use your heart and mind to perceive deep-seated and uplifting feelings too.



Day (The Fool): As The Fool, you are close to the origins, according to your weekly tarot reading. The zero on the card indicates being at home anywhere because you live in your own center. LOVE: Two zeros combine to form an infinity sign. This is like the popular wedding symbol of two rings. HAPPINESS: Your needs are fulfilled and your fears are resolved. Just say yes to happiness! SUCCESS: The key to success is being in the right place at the right time. Are you?

Evening (Princess of Cups): This card indicates a night full of beauty and lightness. Through your feelings you discover innovations. LOVE: You are a light-hearted and serious personality. You’re helpful and uplifting while also being independent and autonomous. HAPPINESS: With empathy, understanding, and meditation, you can be an important aid in the psychic and spiritual areas of life. SUCCESS: First, make your life easy and pleasant. Then, the desired success will come and adjust to fit into your life.



Day (Three of Cups): There are days in your life that feel like pure bliss, where anything and everything is possible. LOVE: Do not be afraid of emotional reactions. Instead, organize your feelings. This will allow your soul to grow. HAPPINESS: Happiness is the ability to love oneself and others equally. SUCCESS: A right word at the right time can work wonders and set worlds in motion.

Evening (Ace of Cups): Everything is in your cup and this cup contains the full potential of the spiritual life. Your overflowing feelings allow you to experience deep joy and sorrow too, according to your weekly tarot reading. However, sometimes it’s hard to tell what is truth and what is an illusion. LOVE: This is a time for personal sincerity, rather than making great promises or commitments. HAPPINESS: You possess a soul with its own name and it’s unified with all living beings. Yet, it has a sense of individuality as well. SUCCESS: Be willing to forgive yourself and/or others so that a spiritual fresh start is possible.


Thursday (Full Moon)

Day (The Magus): The Magus symbolizes the magician in all of us. Magic, or the “possibility of the impossible,” means to be one with the cosmos, with God, and with the world too. Therefore, build on your uniqueness, your charm, and your wit. LOVE: If you are in love, feel the magic that lives in you. If not, the magic only needs to reawaken. HAPPINESS: You are a very special person! Don’t worry; no one can take away your karmic opportunities! They are for you alone. SUCCESS: The key to success lies in your presence of mind and personal presence also!

Evening (The Sun): Tonight, you will find your place in the sun where you can develop all your essential qualities, and where you can say wholeheartedly, “It’s all good.” LOVE: Continue to grow with life, live more consciously, and age happily. This opens up a luminous perspective for each partnership. HAPPINESS: The happiness of a new beginning, of devotion to life, in humility and passion, in the knowledge of your place and your way. SUCCESS: Think outside the box! “Love God and do what you like.” – St. Augustine



Day (Ten of Cups): Great emotions and passions move you. They certainly raise and fulfill your life. But beware of having your head in the clouds! LOVE: You are a force field. Behind you, you and others feel comfortable. HAPPINESS: Today, you experience pleasures which you receive like gifts. They are the result of your willingness to be open and receive. SUCCESS: You’ll find love and relationships that satisfy you completely. Your desires materialize in a colorful, multi-faceted life.

Evening (Seven of Wands ): You can achieve more when you stop wearing yourself out. This works like magic, and it’s wonderful! Push the “Easy” button. LOVE: You overcome discouragement and bigotry and do not count on dramatic decisions or acts of defiance. HAPPINESS: You respond to particular challenges with mindfulness and increased presence—not with stress or tension. SUCCESS: Don’t let yourself be provoked and don’t provoke others! Find a position that emphasizes your individualism and allows you to retain your power over the long term.



Day (Six of Pentacles): The value of the self is the greatest when as many as possible benefit from it. In this sense, you have only what you give away. LOVE: Today, you can create an atmosphere of closeness and sharing in which any differences are reduced. And, there’s a good balance between giving and receiving. HAPPINESS: Step into the joy of giving. Take your dreams seriously and do something concrete to make them a reality. SUCCESS: Productivity is key to your current issues. Make a profit.

Evening (Five of Wands): “Man’s will is his kingdom.” If your will is not only in heaven but also at home on earth, it will grow legs. Then it will learn to walk and can accomplish anything. LOVE: You open yourself up to the play of forces—in you, with you, and around you. HAPPINESS: Allow yourself to be touched by the people, ideas, and events in your environment. Play as if you were in a creative aikido match when conflicting forces come your way. SUCCESS: Decide what goals you want to achieve.

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