Mantras for Meditation: February 24 – March 2

Mantras for Meditation: February 24 - March 2

The Power of Mantras

This week, your mantras for meditation cover adventure, manifestation, effort, rebirth, and more. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras this week?

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February 24 (Manifestation): “I will see the Divine in all that manifests in my life.”

Everything that comes into your personage is the way the Divine speaks to you. If you recognize it, you will start to see the miracle that is you. You are part of a higher essence that could not be here without your individuality. Allow the knowledge of this miracle to help you. It will show you the route you must follow to make your dreams real. When you accept that all you work towards it is part of the miracle that is your life, you will start to notice more spectacular scenes enveloping your sphere of influence.

February 25 (Completion): “I will complete my most challenging task first today.”

When you work on the most laborious chore you must complete, first thing in the day, you will find a higher satisfaction throughout the rest of the day. Working on this first and foremost will make all the other obligations you must face go faster. By the end of the day, you will be amazed at all you were able to get done. This tactic also permits you to expend a small amount of your energy early in the day so you have some left for more enjoyable pursuits later in the evening.

February 26 (Adventure): “I will see working today as an adventure.”

Yes, work can be tedious, but when you see yourself as the lead character in the story that is your work life, it makes it more bearable. Approaching your workday with this attitude gives you a bit more energy to get through the day. Therefore, permit yourself to be playful and allow your favorite inner superhero to come out! This can have a very positive effect on you and those around you. Be willing to put yourself out there a bit today and indulge that inner child. Grasp today’s experience as part of the play that is your life.

February 27 (Individuality): “I authorize myself to be quirky.”

Permitting yourself to embrace your quirkiness will make you more authentic. When you show your true colors and are honest with yourself and others, your real identity and beautiful qualities shine through. In turn, this opens the doors for others to share their inner character, without restraints, with you. You will find it brings out so much more of who people are at their real core. It also gives the world it’s real uniqueness.

February 28 (Effort): “I will put forth every effort to meet the Divine halfway.”

Do some of the legwork needed to make the visions you see for yourself and your life come true. This behavior will be rewarded. Higher realms of angelic energy will help you more and make the effort you are putting forth a bit more bearable at this time. The Universe wants you to have what is best for you always. Therefore, when you put in the effort for what aligns with your higher good, it will materialize much faster, and you will be in a better position to receive your rewards.

March 1 (Moderation): “Inscription on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi: ‘Nothing in Excess.’”

Yes, even the good things in this world should be accepted in small amounts. Take note of everything you say, do, eat, where you go, and the money you spend. All of that is part of making sure you don’t overdo anything. It also helps you slow down, enjoy what you have, and enjoy what you’re doing. When you take pleasure in your life, you feel that life has more to offer you.

March 2 (Rebirth): “I have found a way to rejuvenate myself.

Every day,  you can find a way to bring new energy to your life. When you take this fact into account and integrate it into your personal beliefs, you will feel renewed. Therefore, welcome this power with open arms and laughter. Give yourself a boost by getting a firm grasp on invigorating, higher vibrations and permitting your spirit to soar to new heights with dreams, visions, and pleasure.

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