Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 18 – 24

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 18 - 24

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Your weekly tarot reading revisits the Akashic Tarot by Sharon Klinger and Sandra Anne Taylor. They tell us that the Akashic Records are fields of energy and information that contain all wisdom—throughout time. The Records also include your past lives and all your future potential. I’ve included reversals as well as an exercise called the Akashic Force. So let’s embark on the divine path of this great field of wisdom and power.

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Day (#15: The Muse): The Muse plays a song of upliftment and imagination. This card indicates a day of very heightened resourcefulness and inventiveness for you. Therefore, any creative project (new or old) can receive exceptional energy now, both from you and the Universe.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and touch the force of inspiration and pure potential. A swirl of music, beauty, movement, and imagination flow through you, and now you can give birth to any possibility.

Evening (2 of Scrolls: Two Worlds): Tonight, there’s a conflict in your life between what the outer world requires of you and how your own spirit directs you. There’s also a pull between self-realized, spiritual experience and personal success in your life. This will continue until you learn to bring your spiritual self to every situation in your personal life.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and say, “The Divine thrives in my daily world.” Then see the god of understanding stand beside you. See yourself walking through your life in this great company, handling everything that comes your way.


Day ( #10: The Light of the World): Today, your Divine being is trying to get your attention. Though you may be very busy, there is an opportunity for you to move into a higher awareness. It’s a great time to open to your higher self and all its wisdom and powers. It is your soul who approaches, but it’s up to you to open the door.

Akashic Force: With a deep breath, you fill yourself with the grace, peace, and light of your higher self. Your vision also opens to a wider Universe and you realize that you have all the time and power in the world.

Evening (The Queen of Roses): This card shows a beautiful woman with roses in her hair and all around her. It represents a loving connection. Therefore, a relationship with someone you know may deepen and become more meaningful. Be open to the connection because there can be a happy resolution to a difficulty with family, a friend or a love relationship.

Akashic Force: Step into the energy of the Queen of Roses and get to know the caring power and gentle temperament. Then feel compassion fill you and notice your desire to bring a loving embrace to yourself and to the world.


Day (The Master Artisan [Reversed]): Reversed, this card indicates a time of great return. That’s because you have shared your gifts with the world and now a wonderful phase of receiving is here for you! You have worked hard and now it’s time for the Universe to give back. The riches and fulfillment are certainly pouring back into your hands.

Akashic Force: Go within and feel filled with all the gifts you have to share with the world. Sense those energies pouring through your heart and mind and out to those around you too. All that you give flows back to you.

Evening (The Queen of Keys): A Queen dressed in a gown of rich colors and textures stands atop the tower of her great castle. She represents a woman of authority. She is sensitive, helpful, and thoughtful too. The Queen can also represent you or another who is about to climb the ladder of success. Possible careers in banking or real estate come to mind with the appearance of this card.

Akashic Records: Feel this Queen beside you and sense the support she has for you. She is certainly ready to give you a key for your own life. Just take this key now, sense what it means, and how it feels too.


Day (#9: Archangel Michael): Archangel Michael is a channel of Divine power. Today, know that your energy reflects Michael’s amazing strength. Michael heralds a time of greater courage, force, initiative, and action, so don’t delay. You can certainly move mountains and lift yourself to new heights.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and sense Archangel Michael’s approach. You’ll begin to feel the force of your own courage and strength growing within you. It will also make you ready to take action with confidence and peace.

Evening ( Five of Scrolls): This card indicates that it’s time to diversify! There are many options for you to consider, and you should certainly take a look at them all. Allow yourself to try new things, go to new places, learn new subjects, break out into different directions, and meet new people, too.

Akashic Force: Your life has turned into a smorgasbord of opportunities so just close your eyes and imagine an array of all the many different things that interest you. Give yourself permission to try them too.


Day (#1: The Oracle of Delphi [Reversed]): This card shows that you have been denying your inner voice in some way. You may have gotten messages from your spirit guide that you haven’t acknowledged—or that you may be resisting. Whatever the case, wake up to the power of the messages you receive.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and feel your psychic energy growing. It’s expanding upward from the very depths of your being. Now notice the first thing you sense.

Evening (Eight of Forces: The Lightning Bolt): A lightning bolt illuminates a stormy night sky, striking a tree down. This means that it’s a time of splitting apart—a time of loss, disappointment or even a metaphorical death. At first glance, the event may seem sudden or unexpected, but in the light that flashes, we see the deep puddles of a storm that has been going on for some time. It’s time to accept the situation for what it is.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and with a deep breath, feel the energy of lightning stir within you. It’s as if the finger of God is yours to employ. How do you want to direct this energy in your life?


Day (#11: The Ark of the Covenant [Reversed]): This card reversed could show a broken contract or a failed legal transfer. Be cautious. It also means that you have broken your contract with your higher self. Perhaps you’ve avoided your karmic work and put your higher purposes aside.

Akashic Force: Imagine the Ark of the Covenant opening before you. You see the contract that contains your higher purpose. What is that purpose?

Evening (Six of Scrolls: The Sands of Time): A man is focused with concern on a large hourglass that has almost run out. He then rolls up his sleeves, ready to get back to work. Tonight, time is of the essence. There could be an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. It may be a project, situation, or personal connection that requires action.

Akashic Force: Go within and catch the energy of time. Time is lifting your excitement, your enthusiasm, and your industry. Time is your gift and your tool.


Day (Six of Forces: The Waterfall): Today’s card reminds you of your incredible personal power and supports you in opening up to the force within. Know that you are a dynamo in the Universe. You can also shape any situation in a way that honors you and your personal energy never stops. Your life force is never-ending too. It’s a time of deep thought and even deeper emotions, as well as an expansion of psychic energy.

Akashic Force: With a deep breath, fill every part of your being with the energy of a great waterfall.

Evening (The Queen of Forces): The Queen of Forces represents a woman who can help to bring greater balance to your life. She brings an unusual combination of power and peace, and creativity and receptivity in her energy and support. A person in your life is coming into a phase of great power and has the ability to sustain it with wonderful results.

Akashic Force: Feel the Queen of Forces approach. She offers all sorts of support and energy. Who is she in your life?

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