5 Barriers to Self-Love

5 Barriers to Self-Love

Love Yourself First

February is the “month of love” with Valentine’s Day being smack in the middle of it, but I’d like to focus on self-love. That’s because love isn’t just a romance between two people. The care and devotion we give to ourselves can actually be more meaningful than the relationships we have with other people. After all, if you can’t love yourself, you can’t truly love others, as the saying goes.

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If you’re feeling like you could use a boost in the self-love department, check out the following five barriers that get in the way of having a healthy relationship with numero uno (AKA, you). If you can transcend the following emotional hurdles, you’ll certainly be happier, more confident, and more able to give your love to the people you care about.

1. Not Ridding Yourself of Toxic Voices (Both Real and Imagined)
The tapes we play about ourselves in our heads can be very powerful. If yours is constantly putting you down, how could you ever hope to find self-love? Take some time to listen to how you talk to yourself in various situations: When you make a mistake, when you feel sad, when you accomplish something or even just when you’re alone with your thoughts. You may be surprised by how critical your inner monologue is.

In the same vein, be more observant of who the voices in your head are. Do you hear your parents, your partner, or even the 7th grade mean girl talking to you? Working through who is sending you those critical messages is an important part of letting them go.

2. Not Being Able to Accept Your Body as is
We all have physical hang-ups. Minor annoyances about our bodies come and go but pervasive, intrusive thoughts cause us to hate our physical selves, and that keeps us from finding inner love. Just because you’d like to change things about your body doesn’t mean you can’t love it.

3. Not Tapping Into Your Talents and Passions
The goals and dreams you have for yourself, as well as the things you know you’re awesome at, shouldn’t go unfulfilled. By not going after something you want or leaving your talent untapped, you’re telling yourself you’re not important enough to try. Whatever it is that you want to do, go for it—or at least take some steps to entertain the possibilities.

4. Not Believing You’re Worthy
There are many ways to tell yourself you’re not good enough. This is a mindset that makes you feel like an imposter in your own existence. However, to find self-love you need to accept the fact that you are worthy of everything that life has to offer—especially the good stuff.

5. Not Allowing Yourself to Fail
Falling into the trap of perfectionism keeps you from loving yourself because you end up never being good enough. No one, repeat, no one, is perfect. And you likely don’t hold other people to the same super-high standards you hold yourself to. Remember that failing is good for the soul, and for building character. So, give yourself the chance to have the learning experiences and vulnerability that come with making mistakes.

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